Thermal Imaging Mask

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  • Let students locate your manikin in open water using a thermal imaging camera.
  • The mask can be worn over all Ruth Lee adult water rescue manikins in our range.
  • Waterproof 6 amp battery and wiring.
  • Mask, battery, and charger are supplied in a handy storage bag.
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Practice thermal Imaging in water rescues

The Thermal Imaging Mask has been specially designed for open water exercises where students need to locate victims. By wearing this mask, the manikin will be visible using a thermal camera. The mask is made for the Ruth Lee water rescue manikins in our range.

Thermal imaging

The mask can easily be placed over the head. The mask is made of strong, woven, elastic material that ensures rapid and even distribution of heat. The mask retains its heat for up to 4 hours. The mask fits snugly around the head of the manikin. This ensures it will stay in place, even in very rough water.

The battery

The mask is heated by a 6 amp battery. The battery is attached to the torso of the manikin utilizing the supplied holster. It is possible to train on a full battery for about 4 hours (depending on the water temperature).

The visibility of the mask on thermal imaging cameras has been successfully tested up to an altitude of 2000ft. This makes the mask very suitable for helicopter rescues.

Would you like to train students with thermal imaging technology on land? Please take a look at the Thermal Imaging Suit, specially developed for all our manikins.

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