Stand for Silver Fire Manikin

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  • Standard for fire manikins.
  • Suitable for manikins up to 15 kg.
  • Instruct fire extinguishing with a fire blanket.
  • Can be taken down in 2 compact parts easily.
  • Is supplied as a construction kit.
  • Plastic crate for transport available separately.


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Allow your manikin to stand upright

The Stand for Silver Fire Manikin is a lightweight stand for training manikins. Using this manikin stand, students can learn the techniques of extinguishing a burning person which is standing upright. The stand is designed in such a way that a fire manikin can easily be laid down. Finished your training? Then the stand is also a nice tool to store your manikin.

The stand can also be used to dry a wet manikin after a training with water. The stand is suitable for manikins weighing up to 15 kg.

Instruct fire extinguishing with a fire blanket

A fire blanket is at the disposal of many companies and people at home for use in case of incipient fires. Not surprisingly, because it is one of the easiest fire extinguishing tools to use. Yet it requires guts and practice makes perfect. That is why you will find the stand for fire manikins at exercises of the fire brigade as well as the company emergency response team (ER).

Easy transport

The stand is easy to transport and comes as a simple construction kit. Split the stand without tools and you have two compact parts. You can also choose to transport the stand in a Euronorm transport box. Then you also have space to store the flammable gel or an extra vest! The plastic box is exclusive.

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