Staging training at FireWare – individual enrolment

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  • Staging courses on the basis of individual enrolment;
  • Check the training dates in the FireWare agenda;
  • Delivered at the well-equipped FireWare training facility in Wieringerwerf;
  • Always a training that fits your current knowledge and experience level.
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When the equipment is available, but the knowledge is lacking

The equipment used for exercises are simply tools, and it is the experts who ultimately decide what the outcome will be. When the focus is placed on the knowledge levels of the crew staging scenarios, the results of any exercise will improve dramatically. Moreover, well-staged scenarios will always increase motivation levels during training sessions.

There is true worth to be found in a staging course

FireWare has already trained over 2,000 people worldwide on how to stage a truly realistic scenario. We use theatre and film industry techniques combined with 19 years of experience in staging scenarios to guarantee that you will learn a great deal from us – even those of you who have been ‘on the job’ for many years and created a large number of exercises. The reason is simple: we adopt a different perspective when it comes to staging scenarios. Within just a one-day course, or over two evening sessions, we can easily teach somebody the basic skills for realistic staging, and that includes both the theoretical and the
practical aspects!

At our offices in Wieringerwerf, we dispose of a well-equipped training location. The room for the theoretic lessons is provided with all comfort and the practical training room allows the staging of different scenarios.


This page headlights the staging training courses that we provide on an individual basis. These always take place at FireWare in Wieringerwerf. For individual enrolment, please check the training dates in our agenda. The staging training is given at three (ascending) levels. This way there is always a training that fits your current knowledge and experience level!

Below you will find an explanation of the content of each training course.

Basic Staging Training I

Advanced Staging Training II

In-depth Staging Training III

Our Basic Staging Training I is our most popular course. You will learn the basics of staging scenarios and you get to create your own training session at the end. The course is low threshold and has been specially designed for people who play a role in creating training sessions. After covering some of the theoretical aspects, you’ll be devoting the rest of the time to real-life exercises, and once you’ve completed the course you will be able to stage your own realistic fire or accident scenarios.

A professional never stops learning. If you’ve completed the Basics of Staging I and would like to extend your knowledge, then a range of follow-up courses are available. The Advanced Staging Training II offers the opportunity to further expand your staging knowledge.

A period of 6 months is recommended to practice the newly obtained skills from the Basic Staging Training I before continuing with the Advanced Staging Training II.

The In-Depth Staging Training III takes a closer look at the problems surrounding major training exercises and staging. This training course is completely focussed on preparing for a training exercise. Complete command of the Basic Staging Training I and the Follow Up Staging Training II is assumed.

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