Smoky Multi Socket

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  • Only use Cirrus Smoke Fluid
  • Smoking multiple socket.
  • Produces a crackling sound.
  • LED on/off light.
  • Including smoke fluid and regulator.
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Stage a realistic short circuit

With the FireWare Smoky Multi Socket, you can easily stage a very realistic short circuit. The smoke generator has the appearance and functionality of a multi socket. Simulate a home, garden and kitchen situation such as you find in many homes and offices. Short-circuiting is a piece of cake. A challenging exercise for the fire brigade or emergency response services!

The Smoky Multi Socket makes staging a short circuit very easy. You use the smoke machine by flipping the switch on the connected wired remote control. The socket then starts to smoke and crackle softly. It looks just like the real thing! Unplug the plug and the simulated effect soon stops. The 'danger' has passed. The multiple socket has 4 working sockets and 2 dummies. A small smoke generator is built into the dummy. When the smoke element is active, the LED indicator light will be on.

Enrich your ER or firefighter course

Staging a short circuit is extremely suitable for ER and fire brigade practical and theory lessons. And with the Smoky Multi Socket you can really go either way! The socket can extend anything. For example, a hand blender in a kitchen. Or a student's laptop during a theory lesson. With this unique smoking multiple socket you bring everyday situations into practice. It is also possible to connect several Smoky Multi Socket smoke generators together. In this way, you can, for example, stage the effect of a short circuit in a busy office space. This machine tests the students' reactions. This is how you confront them with reality.

In addition to the socket, you will receive a syringe (10 millilitres). You can use it to fill up the generator. If you want extra smoke fluid, only use the FireWare Cirrus Fluid. Otherwise, the smoke generator could become clogged.

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Additional information

Product size (L x W x H)

54 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm


1100 g


230 V


Control panel on device

Power supply

Led, Power plug

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