Smoke Fluid Fire Training Universal 5L

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  • The new name for FireWare Medium smoke fluid

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Order smoke fluid for your rental project…
…A universal smoke fluid for fire department exercises.

Super-realistic simulations without hassle

Houses, offices, technical rooms, workshops… These are the spaces where most fire and evacuation exercises take place. With the Universal Fire Department Smoke Fluid, simulating in such spaces becomes ideal: an extremely realistic smoke image without leaving any residue!

Ideal for vertical smoke buildup

Every firefighter in the world knows that hot air and heat rise. However, most smoke machines are used horizontally. The Universal Fire Department Smoke Fluid is specially developed to be used vertically as well. Its unique composition ensures a high density and maximum control of the smoke column’s speed when used with a Cumulus or Stratus smoke machine. This allows for extremely realistic smoke images to be created! Under the right conditions, using this fluid can even create the optical illusion of black smoke.

Perfect reflectivity for flame simulation

In addition to simulating smoke, practice smoke is also used as a projection screen for simulating fire sources. This smoke fluid is developed to have perfect reflection properties, creating a realistic fire simulation in medium-sized spaces.


Fire departments also use this fluid to simulate accidents involving hazardous substances and HAZMAT/CBRNe incidents. It can mimic vapor leaks and simulate chemical reactions. The density of the smoke, however, is thicker than that of the BHV Smoke Fluid.

Optimal price-quality ratio

The Universal Fire Department Smoke Fluid is a smoke fluid that perfectly suits most simulations. With its favorable price-quality ratio, it is the most commonly used FireWare smoke fluid in the emergency services industry. And if more is needed at any time, consider the Intensive and Extreme Fire Department Smoke Fluids.

No residue

For 20 years, FireWare has been developing smoke fluids for emergency services. This latest generation of smoke fluid is designed not to leave any residue while still creating a highly realistic smoke or vapor effect when used correctly.

Purest ingredients

The Universal Fire Department Smoke Fluid is made from the purest ingredients, making it one of the safest smoke fluids available for both humans and machines. One of the main ingredients is water in its purest form.

Applicable in all modern machines

Universal Fire Department Smoke Fluid can be used in Nimbo, Cumulus, and Stratus smoke machines. Additionally, it works well with all modern water-glycol smoke machines. Available in 5-liter, 200-liter, and 1000-liter IBC containers. Universal Fire Department Smoke Fluid is the new name for FireWare Medium smoke fluid.

Horizontal/Vertical or through a Smoke Hose

This smoke fluid can be applied horizontally and vertically. It can also be used with a perforated Smoke Hose set or a closed Smoke Hose set to simulate a line source. Watch the videos on our website to assess the effects!

Need lighter or denser smoke?

In addition to Universal Fire Department Smoke Fluid, there are also BHV Smoke Fluid, Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive, and Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme. Each one serves a different purpose within the emergency services industry.


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