Silver Fire Manikin


 999,00 excl. VAT

Year-End Offer: 4 x FREE 1L Low Smoke Flammable Gel with the purchase of Silver Fire Manikin
Offer valid until January 17, 2024.

  • To simulate a burning person.
  • Specially developed for practicing with a fire blanket.
  • Not suitable for extinguishing with water, powder or foam.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Strengthened at the ends of the arms and legs.
  • Strengthened at the crotch and armpits.
  • Including fire vest for longer life span.

Simulate a burning person

Use the Silver Fire Manikin to easily simulate a burning person. The manikin is a perfect tool to create a realistic scenario where students learn how to extinguish a fire with a fire blanket. The training manikin is designed for use in fire brigade exercises and for ER courses. By using a stand, students can even be taught the techniques for extinguishing a burning standing person. This stand for fire manikins is not included.

Use a vest and flammable gel

It is recommended to provide the fire manikin with a Vest for Silver Fire Manikin. Not only does this vest form the best basis for ignition, you also increase the life span of the manikin considerably. The vest will tolerate more heat than the manikin itself. One vest for the upper part of the body is included with the fire manikin, but you can easily order an additional vest in our webshop.

The silver fire manikin may only be used in combination with the specially developed FireWare Low Smoke Flammable Gel. Apply this gel to the vest and you will notice that the manikin will easily ignite. Use an ignition burner for safe ignition.

Long life span

The Silver Fire Manikin is made of silicone fabric. The crotch, the armpits and the ends of the arms and legs are reinforced with Kevlar. This way, the life span of the training manikin is extended. The manikin weighs about 10 kilograms. Therefore it is easy to take along and to deploy on location. The Silver Fire manikin is not suitable for use as a drag manikin.

In combination with the flammable gel you can create a realistic scenario with a burning person. We dare to put our hands in the fire for that!

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