Sample kit Smoke Fluid

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  • Sample kit of the 4 most commonly used smoke fluids for emergency responders;
  • The suitable fluid for every exercise;
  • Compatible with all water-glycol smoke machines;
  • Find the most realistic smoke effect for your training situation Can be mixed together for even more variation.
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Sample kit Smoke Fluid

But how can you be sure which smoke fluid, when combined with your smoke machine, provides the most realistic simulation? The best way to find out? Experimentation!

That’s why we have included a Sample kit of smoke fluids in our range! It consists of:

  • 5 liters of Smoke Fluid Fire Drill
  • 5 liters of Smoke Fluid Fire Training Universal
  • 5 liters of Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive
  • 5 liters of Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme

Did you know that you can also mix these smoke fluids together to create the perfect blend for your exercise or simulation?

Although these smoke fluids have been specifically developed for the FireWare Cumulus, Stratus, and Nimbo, they are suitable for use in all water-glycol-based smoke machines. Of course, only the purest ingredients have been used in the formulation of these smoke fluids.

These smoke fluids have been developed based on the needs and requirements of emergency responders. While smoke fluid used in the entertainment industry dissipates quickly to make light beams more visible, the smoke produced with these smoke fluids remains denser, thus simulating a real smoke situation.

So, if you truly want to enhance your smoke experience during an exercise, take the opportunity to experiment with this Sample kit set of the best smoke fluids for the emergency services sector!


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