PMVA Training Manikin

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  • Specially developed for mental health establishments.
  • Suitable for applying various physical intervention techniques.
  • Joints contain pressure points that respond realistically to the application of force.
  • Realistic height to weight ratio.
  • Suitable for the use of a neck collar.
  • Comes with gloves, rubber boots and an overall.
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Prepare students preventively for violent scenarios

The PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression) manikin is specially designed to practice physical intervention techniques. These techniques can reduce escalation of violence in institutions that provide care to clients who regularly exhibit violent behavior. Think of psychiatric institutions, but also prisons, youth care, outpatient care providers, the police and special education.

Teach different intervention techniques to avoid escalations

Mental health workers should be familiar with various intervention techniques. This can prevent the escalation of conflicts. This manikin has been specially developed to instruct you in the application of various physical intervention techniques. For example, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints react realistically when force is applied to the pressure points. Clamping techniques can also be applied, both on a sitting and lying manikin. The body joints are made of soft material. This prevents students from getting pinch welts or bruises.

The manikin weighs 30 kilograms and has a realistic height to weight ratio. It is possible to apply a neck collar. The manikin comes complete with boots and overalls that are easy to replace if damaged.

Surprise students by having the manikin speak or shout. Using the ShoutBox you can play a pre-recorded message of up to 60 seconds repeatedly. The time interval is adjustable.

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