Pandora’s Box V4

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  • Complete control for realistic staging of small fires
  • Stimulate your trainee’s senses with light, smoke, and sound
  • Wireless control via web interface with your own phone or tablet
  • Integrated powerful LED lighting
  • Smoke machine can be connected and controlled remotely
  • Play internal sounds through the built-in speaker
  • Stainless steel housing built into a plastic transport case
  • Contains a special storage space for the Cirrus battery smoke machine
  • Equipped with a powerful battery
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Scenarios that stimulate all senses

The more senses you engage in a simulation, the more realistic it will be. With Pandora’s Box, you can not only create a good flame effect with light and smoke, but also add sound to your scenario. And all with one unit, wirelessly controlled and battery-powered for maximum flexibility.

Pandora’s Box has everything on board to quickly create a complete realistic scenario of a small fire. Place it in a trash container for a container fire or hide it behind a workbench for a fire in a workshop. Perfect for on-site emergency response training!

Smoke – connect different smoke machines

The Pandora has a connection for various smoke machines, including the FireWare Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus, and Nimbo. These smoke machines can be wirelessly controlled via Pandora. If you choose the FireWare Cirrus battery smoke machine, your entire set can be used wirelessly!

Sound – from fire sound to explosion

Sound is crucial for realism during an exercise. You can activate up to six sounds simultaneously from a library of more than 30 sounds, including cries for help in multiple languages, fire sounds, explosions, collapses, alarms, and even the sound of a Li-ion thermal runaway.

Control – wireless and remote

Nothing is more annoying than an instructor having to manually operate machines during the exercise. With Pandora’s Box V4, this is a thing of the past. All functions can be controlled wirelessly via your own smartphone or tablet. Pandora’s Box V4 creates a Wi-Fi network, which instructors can log into by scanning a QR code. No complicated software needed!

On the digital remote, the instructor sees whether they are connected and which effects are playing. Sound effects can be selected and the volume adjusted. The smoke machine is also controlled from the same interface.

Link with Apollo extinguishers

The FireWare Apollo LED training extinguishers can be linked to Pandora’s Box V4. With this combination, you can perform an extinguishing action on your simulated fire. If you do it correctly, the fire will be extinguished. If you fail to control the fire with the limited extinguishing capacity of these hand extinguishers? Close the door and evacuate!

The Apollo LED extinguisher and Pandora’s Box are delivered linked by FireWare upon order. Ask about the possibilities if you already own them and want them linked.

Battery – hours of training fun

The smart on/off switch indicates exactly when Pandora is ready for the exercise. The powerful battery guarantees hours of training fun.

Fire simulation – endless possibilities

The staging possibilities with Pandora’s Box are endless. By hiding the Pandora and placing a smoke machine, you can simulate a realistic fire complete with smoke and sound. Are you looking for a complete scenario in one training box? Pandora’s Box V4 offers that! Want to simulate larger fires? Then check out Pandora’s Box 230!

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Additional information


By own smartphone or tablet


Stainless steel casing

Size transport box

40 x 30 x 23,5 cm


2-year warranty on the machine

Operating time full battery

Full training day

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