Pandora’s Box 230

 3.499,00 excl. VAT

  • Complete control for larger simulations;
  • Stimulate your student’s senses with dynamic exercises;
  • Wireless control via web interface using your own phone or tablet;
  • Up to 3 flame simulations can be connected and controlled individually;
  • 1 smoke machine to be connected and remotely tiered;
  • Internal sounds playable through 2 included external speakers;
  • Stainless steel housing built into plastic transport case;
  • Includes cable box with adapter cables from Schuko to Powercon.

Larger and More Complex Simulations Engaging All Your Senses

The successful Pandora’s Box v3 now has a younger sibling: the Pandora’s Box 230. With the capability to connect up to three dynamic flame effects, play realistic internal sound effects, and control a FireWare smoke machine, you can maximize your training experience. And all of this can be operated wirelessly.

While the original Pandora’s Box v3 compactly housed all simulation functionalities, the Pandora’s Box 230 takes a different approach by allowing all simulation resources to be externally connectable. This enables the control of larger and more intricate staging through the familiar interface on your smartphone or tablet.

Flame effects such as the FireSpot, FireSpot MK2, FireSpot XXL, Mini Silkflame LED, and Phoenix Silkflame can be connected via Powercon connectors to one of the three switched outputs of the Pandora’s Box 230. Additionally, you can connect your smoke machine, and two external speakers are included.

Escalation and De-escalation

With the ability to connect up to three flame effects, it’s incredibly easy to create fire scenarios that can escalate and de-escalate as needed. A small trash can fire could spread to a cluttered desk, and then engulf the entire room in flames. Using the web interface on your smartphone or tablet, you, as the trainer, have full control over what happens and when.

Sound – Including Cries for Help in Various Languages

Sound plays a crucial role during exercises, and the Pandora’s Box 230 gives due attention to the sense of hearing. In addition to the sounds of large or small fires, you can simulate various other sounds such as sparks, liquid leaks, explosions, collapses, diesel engines, gunshots, and gas leaks. Moreover, sounds like a slow whoop, a barking dog, the sobbing of a victim, and a crying baby are also available. The Pandora’s Box 230 can play all these sounds simultaneously and even create a mix of them, enabling you to craft highly immersive scenarios.

Through the interface, you can choose six sounds to play directly on the Pandora’s Box 230 from a comprehensive sound library, including various scenarios and languages.

Coupling with Apollo Extinguishers

The FireWare Apollo LED training-extinguishers interface seamlessly with the Pandora’s Box 230, allowing you to simulate extinguishment on your simulated fire. If performed correctly, the fire will extinguish accordingly. If you find it challenging to control the fire with the handheld extinguishers, you can simulate closing the door and evacuating.

When ordered, Apollo LED extinguishers and Pandora’s Boxes are delivered already paired by FireWare. If you already own them and want them linked, inquire about the available options.

Smoke – Connect Different Smoke Machines

The Pandora’s Box 230 offers connection options for several smoke machines, including the FireWare Cirrus, Nimbo, Cumulus, and Stratus. When you connect a smoke machine, you can control it incrementally using the wireless control of the Pandora’s Box 230.

Control – Wireless and Remote

Eliminating the need for instructors to physically approach the incident during exercises, all functions of the Pandora’s Box 230 can be operated wirelessly and remotely using your smartphone or tablet. The Pandora’s Box 230 sets up its wireless WiFi network, allowing instructors to log in by scanning a QR code or entering a code manually. Multiple instructors can even log in simultaneously, enabling collaborative control of the functions from various positions. The possibilities for dynamic staging are extensive.

On the digital remote, instructors can see whether they are connected to the Pandora’s Box 230, view which effects are currently playing, and adjust the volume of sound effects. This feature is particularly useful when staging from a significant distance from the practice field.

For Staging On Location or in Your Practice Center

The Pandora’s Box 230 is ideal for quickly and easily staging on location. By connecting flame effects and a smoke machine, arranging all components for a realistic flame display, adding speakers, and perhaps some Burning Smell Spray (not included), you can stimulate all senses in the most lifelike way possible. Additionally, whether in a fixed or mobile practice center, the Pandora’s Box 230 serves as an excellent infrastructure for staging scenarios. Simply place a Pandora’s Box 230 in any room and ensure flame effects, smoke, and sound are distributed throughout. When adjusting staging for a new training season, it’s effortless to move the flame effects while leaving the Pandora’s Box in place, facilitating periodic adjustments for constantly innovative scenarios.

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