One year license Velicus Mixed Reality Suite

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  • One year licence for all apps from the Velicus Mixed Reality Suite;
  • Simulate digital incidents in the “real world”;
  • Give your own resuscitation manikin a lifelike appearance;
  • Create a digital fire in your own environment;
  • Extinguish virtually or more realistically with an Apollo LED training fire extinguisher;
  • Students receive immediate feedback on their actions;
  • Give a new dimension to tabletop exercises;
  • Suitable for both procedure and skills training;
  • A Microsoft HoloLens 2 and display adapter are required;
  • For CPR+, a CPR manikin with lungs, mouth, nosepieces and a built-in Bluetooth adapter is required;
  • One step further? Integrate with F.I.I.T. for an interactive dynamic training environment;
  • Do you want to pair the Microsoft Hololens with the Apollo LED Training Fire Extinguishers? You will need a specific MiFi box for this. Please contact us and quote product number 021-021-008.

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Get access to all apps from the Velicus suite

Mixed reality currently is one of the most advanced ways of combining the virtual world with the real world. In contrast to virtual reality (VR), the student sees the "real" world in which digital incidents are simulated. Students can respond by using both physical and virtual tools. This makes the solution suitable for both procedure and skills training.

The Microsoft HoloLens 2 is used to give trainees access to the mixed reality world. The annual licence includes access to all apps from the Velicus Suite.


The HoloLens 2 projects a lifelike digital victim on your resuscitation dummy. You will receive immediate feedback on your actions so you know exactly what you do right and what needs to be improved. For example, you will know whether you are performing the chest compressions and respirations correctly. Other features of the app include:

  • Stable side position - Learn how to place someone in the correct position;
  • 3D video tutorial - Watch a complete tutorial on CPR in 3D;
  • Training sessions - Roll up your sleeves! Go through all the steps of CPR and use an AED with extensive guidance;
  • Practical sessions - Piece of cake? Then go hands-on with minimal guidance and less explanation;
  • Exam - Now it's up to you! Take the exam without any guidance to see if you can really save someone.

Fire+ (coming very soon)

The HoloLens 2 projects a digital fire into your real-life environment. You can then extinguish this fire with a virtual extinguisher or to make it even more real: with a digital fire extinguisher from the FireWare Apollo LED range. Then you don't have a separate controller in your hands, but a "real" fire extinguisher from which you can pull out the pen and which you can really activate. This app includes:

  • Different fire classes;
  • Possibility of deploying a virtual extinguisher and a physical training fire extinguisher;
  • Reporting procedure;
  • Performing a follow-up check;
  • Training sessions;
  • Practical sessions;
  • Examination.

Tabletop+ (coming very soon)

Do you want to hold a tabletop exercise with your students? Then the tabletop+ app will give this a totally new dimension. With a library of over 2000 animations and images, you can quickly build an interactive tabletop!

Let other students watch

Of course, with the HoloLens 2, the course participant has the most ultimate experience. But that certainly does not mean that the rest of the students do not have to see and experience anything. With the optional screen adapter, it is possible to stream the HoloLens 2 image to an external monitor. This way, both the student and the instructor can watch!

Even more interactive with the F.I.I.T.

Would you like to take a step further in a dynamic training environment? Then consider integrating mixed reality with the FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer (F.I.I.T.). Then the possibilities are endless. To meet all specific needs, such a link is currently being customised. Contact FireWare for the possibilities!

What do you need to work with the Velicus Mixed Reality Suite?

You need a one year licence for the Velicus Suite per HoloLens 2. Besides the license, you will need, depending on your needs / application:

  • A Microsoft HoloLens 2. You can purchase one through FireWare. If you have already bought one elsewhere, that's fine too. You can also choose for a HoloLens 2 Industrial edition. This one is even more solid;
  • A reanimation dummy with lungs, mouth, nose pieces and a built-in Bluetooth adapter. For example, a Prestan;
  • An Apollo LED training fire extinguisher;
  • A monitor adapter. This makes it possible to stream the images from the HoloLens to an external monitor. To stream in 4K quality, choose a 4K screen adapter;
  • A router to set up a network between the HoloLens, the screen adapter and the Apollo LED training fire extinguisher;
  • And if you want to make it really cool for a permanent set-up in a training location, a F.I.I.T.! But that's not really necessary 😊

Connecting to the Apollo LED Training Fire Extinguishers

Do you want to pair the Microsoft Hololens 2 with the Apollo LED Training Fire Extinguishers? You can! You will need a specific MiFi box for this. Please contact us to request the daily price and to order from us. Please mention the product number 021-021-008.

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