Neptune Training Extinguisher Squeeze handle

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  • Extinguisher for learning to extinguish, equipped with squeeze handle on top;
  • Easy to fill with air either air and water or air, water and practice foam;
  • Great for practicing procedures;
  • Easy to re-pressurize;
  • Equipped with auto valve and a filling coupling on the hose;
  • Compressor not included;
  • Filling capacity 6 liters;
  • Includes magnetic plate and stickers for foam and powder in 6 different languages;
  • Two in one: this foam extinguisher can be converted into a CO₂ extinguisher with the optional flat or round nozzle.
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Refillable training extinguisher with squeeze handle

With the FireWare Neptune Training Extinguisher, trainees learn all the procedures they need to master in a real situation. The lock pin must be removed, followed by a brief trial attempt. Subsequently, the extinguishing techniques are practiced on the fire trainer. This version has a squeeze handle. A version with stroke button is also available.

Repeated practice with foam, water or air

In some exercise situations, foam and even water may not be desirable. You can also omit one or both refills and pressurize the extinguisher with air only. In that case, the procedure for choosing the correct extinguishing agent to the deployment of the extinguishing attempt can still be practiced. Air-only extinguishing works well in combination with a Phoenix Silkflame.


Filling is easy with the Neptune Filling System. This mechanical system allows up to 3 practice extinguishers to be filled simultaneously. No opening is necessary. All you need is a water connection and compressor.

The extinguisher can also be filled without the Neptune filling system. To do so, unscrew the top with a wrench. Then add a layer of practice foam and water (if desired) and, using a simple compressor through the auto valve or the coupling to the hose, pressurize the extinguisher.

Choice of which type of extinguisher

The training extinguisher comes with a magnetic plate with stickers in as many as 6 different languages. You can choose from Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. This way you always have the right label on your extinguisher.

Optional options include a flatCO2 nozzle, a roundCO2 nozzle, practice foam, additional locking pins, seals, O-rings and an appropriate spanner to unscrew the top. The training fire extinguisher is designed as a 6-liter extinguisher.

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