Maintenance and repair course for training equipment

  • Learn to efficiently and effectively repair and maintain FireWare training equipment yourself;
  • For technicians who regularly deal with the maintenance and repair of FireWare training materials;
  • Prevent unnecessary shipping movements;
  • Increase deployment readiness your training equipment;
  • The training will be tailor-made.
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Repair and maintain training equipment yourself

Training equipment makes an important contribution to the professional skills and deployability of emergency response teams. It is therefore of the utmost importance to keep training equipment operational efficiently. This is a joint effort between supplier and user! That is why FireWare offers training courses for technicians who maintain and repair training equipment. This is because often the repair time of training equipment is shorter than the time it takes to prepare it for shipment. Repairing and maintaining them yourself avoids a lot of unnecessary shipping. Good for the environment! And the downtime of a training device, the time when a training device is not ready for deployment, decreases enormously. Profit for everyone!

Learn from and with each other

Besides the “technical” part, these training sessions also focus on cooperation with the FireWare team. How do we handle spare parts, warranties and more difficult repairs? Are we seeing trends? Think about one station where machines break down more often, or one training asset that often has the same defect. What can we learn from each other in this and how can we make each other better? This is how we give substance to our core values!

These training courses are intended for technicians who are professionally involved in the maintenance and repair of FireWare training equipment several times a week. Think of technicians from safety regions, defence and large training centres. Training will be provided at FireWare.

Tailor-made training

The training courses are tailor-made. This depends on the number and type of training materials dealt with during the course, the number of participants and the desired depth. Also interested in a maintenance and repair course? Then contact us for a tailor-made offer!

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