Incident Server

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  • Wireless, central operation of complete (pre-programmed) scenarios.
  • Dynamic, interactive remote trainings by just a single push of the button.
  • Easily connect sound equipment, flame simulators, smoke generators and other simulation material.
  • Undivided attention for the observation of the trainee’s actions: maximum learning experience.
  • Simultaneously operable by multiple observers.
  • No complex software needed.
  • For more complex scenarios: combine with Incident Clients.
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Wouldn’t it be great to operate all simulation devices from a single wireless remote during training? To fully concentrate on observing the trainee’s actions in a complex scenario that you have programmed in advance? The FireWare Incident Server can make it happen!

What can the Incident Server do?

The Incident Server allows an instructor to wirelessly operate all parameters of a staged incident with a tablet. This includes the sound effects, flame simulation and smoke generators that turn the staging into a realistic incident. The instructor can observe the incident from a distance via the footage of the built-in webcam.

The additional inputs and outputs of the Incident Server allow operating even more special effects if sensors are activated. Moreover, the Incident Server is equipped with a digital practice gas detector, a digital practice AED and a digital practice fire alarm centre. In short, it is a full recipe to create a realistic, dynamic and interactive training scenario! And do you have insufficient outputs for a complex exercise? Then simply expand with an Incident Client.

How to operate the Incident Server?

The Incident Server must be connected to mains current. Various practice materials, like Silkflames, speakers and smoke generators can be easily connected to the Incident Server. In general, the existing practice materials qualify, so there is no need to order in new equipment!

The Incident Server itself hosts a wireless Wi-Fi network for the instructor to log on to. No need for complex software. Several people can operate the installation at the same time. The observers can even log on to the system and participate in the training. The built-in 4G-modem allows remote service and support, no less.

Personally programming incidents

The best trainings are the interactive ones. The trainees’ actions result in a positive or a negative reaction. This is quite demanding vis-à-vis the instructor where it comes to operating the training materials. There are many actions that could need simultaneous attention! The victim is found, so his cries for help need to be silenced. Or a scenario where there is water involved. Quickly max out the smoke generators to simulate vapour. Then gradually diminish the smoke output and lower the sound of the fire, the flame simulation and maybe even stage a collapse. Wouldn’t it be nice to execute all of these actions by one simple push of the button? This is what the Incident Server does best!

Maximum learning results for the trainee

It is helpful for the instructor to be able to overlook a complex scenario. The Incident Server provides just that. All staging materials are centrally and remotely accessible. The equipment operation needs less attention thus allowing the creation of a clear viewed dynamic and realistic scenario that offers the trainee an optimal learning experience and the instructor an optimal teaching experience!


  • 1x smoke generator control output 0-10V
  • 1x smoke generator output on/off
  • 4x universal outputs
  • 4x universal sensor inputs
  • 1x smoke generator power supply 230V
  • 1x flame simulator 230V
  • 1x extension flame simulator 230V
  • 1x extra effect 230V
  • 1x speaker output
  • 1x webcam
  • 1x network connector for extension modules
  • 1x power supply

Built-in digital simulators:

  • Practice gas detector - LEL / CO / H2S / O2
  • Practice AED - automatic / semi-automatic / dead battery / child /adult
  • Practice fire panel

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