Incident Client

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  • Create bigger and better scenarios with the FireWare Incident Server.
  • The Incident Server’s network will only grow stronger.
  • Easily connect sound equipment, flame simulators, smoke generators and other simulation material.
  • No need for complex software.
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Always lacking connectors on the FireWare Incident Server, or staging a more complex scenario? Expand your set with the FireWare Incident Client!

What does the Incident Client offer?

The number of connectors of the Incident Server doesn’t suffice in case of larger and more complex scenarios. The Incident Client however allows elaborating the possibilities infinitely. Use the Incident Server to stage the hearth and then use the Incident Client for all extra additions. This allows increasing or decreasing the incident at will!

How does the Incident Client work?

Think of the Incident Server as the conductor and the Incident Clients as its members of orchestra. Incident Clients are the perfect accessories. The Incident Client connects to the Wi-Fi network of the Incident Server, but it doesn’t leave it at that! The Incident Client will enhance and elaborate the Wi-Fi network. Together, they create a so-called mesh-network. Want to add another Incident Client? This will only strengthen the chain. Thus, the installation can be elaborated step-by-step.

Connecting staging materials to the Incident Client

The Incident Client, just as the Incident Server, allows connecting various staging materials, like smoke generators, but also Silkflames like the Phoenix or the Mini Silkflame can be connected. Connecting a fire glow spot can be effortlessly done. And just by adding a few sound effects, the scenario is complete.

The connecting options of the Incident Client and the Incident Server are alike, but the Incident Client also disposes of a webcam. The instructor can rely on an extra camera per Incident Client to better observe the scenario!

Personally programming incidents

All special effects and staging materials that are connected to an Incident Client are fully programmable in the scenarios. Try programming even more complex scenarios outside the confinement of a certain room. The instructor’s fantasy now is the limit!

Maximum training experience for the trainee

Floor by floor, compartment by compartment: fire-fighters divide the attacked building in manageable “pieces”. Use one or more Incident Clients for your training exercise in order to stage the incident quickly and efficiently. The instructors and observers keep in charge by means of the built-in cameras. No more complex instructions to operate the staging materials, there is nothing but undivided attention for the student!


  • 1x smoke generator control output 0-10V
  • 1x smoke generator output on/off
  • 4x universal outputs
  • 4x universal sensor inputs
  • 1x smoke generator power supply 230V
  • 1x flame simulator 230V
  • 1x extension flame simulator 230V
  • 1x extra effect 230V
  • 1x speaker output
  • 1x webcam
  • 1x network connector for extension modules
  • 1x power supply

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