Helicopter Winch Manikin

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  • Specially designed to practice helicopter-based water rescues.
  • Made from tough nylon mesh carcass which allows water to penetrate quickly
  • Dry weight 40Kg (Adult) increases approximately 65Kg retrieval weight from water.
  • Equipped with standard or Hypothermic Lifting straps.
  • Buckle clips on the inside of knees and ankles allows for the option of keeping legs together.
  • Floats horizontally, vertically or at 45 degrees.
  • Bright orange overalls and SOLAS reflective tape on dummy’s head.
  • Will sit in a stable “W” position whilst winched to the helicopter.
  • The soft feet are designed to allow rapid drainage to prevent too much water in the helicopter.
  • Strong webbing loop allows easy handling, storage, suspension for drying.
  • Comes complete with overalls and soft feet, which are easily replaced if damaged.
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Prepare students for helicopter-based water rescues

The Helicopter Winch Manikin is specially designed to practice water rescues where the casualties must be winched to the helicopter directly from water. 

Simulate an (unconscious) person or dead body in the water

The Helicopter Winch Manikin simulates an (unconscious) person in the water. The dummy can float horizontally, vertically, or at 45 degrees to simulate a live person or dead body. The bright orange overall and SOLAS reflective tape on the head makes the dummy highly visible in open water. This way, students recognize the dummy easily and can act to rescue it with the right techniques. An optional extra is a Search & Rescue hoodie to part cover the manikin to decrease visibility in the water.  

The harness and standard or hypothermic lifting straps allow the student easy and safe handling. The buckle clips on the inside knees and ankles allow for the option of keeping the legs together. In comparison with  Water Rescue MOB Manikin, the Helicopter Winch Manikin has lighter legs, meaning that the legs float more readily when fitting the harness in water. The dummy will sit in a stable ‘’W’’ position whilst winched to the helicopter. 

The dry weight is of an Adult dummy is 40Kg and increases to approximately 65Kg retrieval weight from water. The tough nylon mesh carcass allows the water to penetrate quickly, allowing the legs to drop beneath the surface, leaving only the head and shoulders visible, if desired. 

The Helicopter Winch Manikin is an excellent addition for training scenarios mostly relevant to coastguards & lifeguards, ministry of Defence Army and Navy, Fire & Rescue Services, Offshore operators, and shipping industries.

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