FireSpot MK2

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  • Realistic flame simulation;
  • Durable LED lighting;
  • MK2: with built-in intelligence;
  • Equipped with 8 simulation programs for specific learning and teaching objectives;
  • Thermal runaway mode;
  • Waterproof and robust housing;
  • Special lenses for realistic red-orange light distribution;
  • Equipped with a powerCON connector for waterproof extension;
  • Including powercon to Schuko adapter cable for use in a standard electrical outlet.
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The FireSpot has been renewed! With the new FireSpot MK2, it’s possible to achieve even more learning and teaching objectives. This is because it can simulate even more different types of fires! How about, for example, a Thermal Runaway?

8 simulation programs for various fires: incl. Thermal runaway simulation

The FireSpot MK2 is equipped with 8 simulation programs to realistically simulate various types of fires:

  1. All LEDs fully on (same functionality as the original FireSpot)
  2. Slow Fire (the red and orange LEDs create the illusion of a flickering fire with moderate intensity)
  3. Fast Fire (the red and orange LEDs create the illusion of a flickering fire with high intensity)
  4. Thermal Runaway: (the LEDs create the typical flashing effect seen in a battery’s Thermal Runaway)
  5. Red Static (for simulating a smoldering fire or a fire with low oxygen: the red LEDs are continuously on)
  6. Red Dynamic (for simulating a smoldering fire or a fire with low oxygen: the red LEDs simulate the flickering of a fire)
  7. Orange Static (for simulating a bright fire with sufficient oxygen or an explosion: the red-orange LEDs are continuously on)
  8. Orange Dynamic (for simulating a fire with sufficient oxygen: the orange LEDs simulate flickering)

When developing the simulation programs, consideration was given to achieving learning and teaching objectives and the possibility of dynamic staging! You can combine multiple FireSpots and control them with devices like the Pandora 230. This allows you to start with a smoldering fire and, as more oxygen becomes available, transition to a bright fire with the press of a button! Programs with the new ‘soft start’ function are ideal for this. When power is applied, the expansion comes on in a few seconds.

Designed for use with and without training smoke

With the new simulation programs, there are numerous additional possibilities for use without training smoke. But let’s be honest: the most beautiful effect is achieved when you properly color training smoke with this new FireSpot MK2!

Fully waterproof

The Original FireSpot was already IP67 waterproof: The new FireSpot MK2 is no different! You switch between simulation programs by holding a magnet near the housing. This allows you to cycle through the different programs. So, no switches on the outside of the housing! The spot “remembers” its last chosen setting.

Additionally, the 2-meter long power cord is equipped with a Powercon True 1 connector. This connector can be waterproofly extended. Handy for simulations where water is actually used.

Special optics for flame simulation

The optics of the FireSpot MK2 are identical to those of the original FireSpot. For the light source, 2 powerful red and 2 powerful orange LEDs have been chosen. This provides a beautiful and realistic flame image without color mixing, as can occur with RGB LEDs.

The lenses are designed so that the red LEDs form a line and the orange LEDs create a “hotspot” within it. This optics makes it possible to create a very realistic flame image! Theater fixtures are designed to have as even color mixing as possible: We absolutely didn’t want this for the FireSpot because flames have a great diversity of colors within them. The optics of the FireSpot are specially designed to approach this effect as realistically as possible!

Robust construction

During a simulation, FireSpots are not handled gently. They endure a lot. Therefore, the housing of the FireSpot MK2 is made of anodized aluminum and there are an absolute minimum of protruding parts.

The FireSpot can be adjusted in every corner. The optional floor stand provides maximum support, ensuring more stability. Additionally, using the floor stand makes it easier to adjust the right angle of the fire glow and color the smoke more effectively. The light output is spectacular given the power consumption of 10 watts.

In addition to the Original FireSpot and the FireSpot MK2, there is also the FireSpot XXL.

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