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  • This is a second chance product; in very good condition, but with minor scratches on the casing;
  • Big powerhouse for large training locations;
  • Generates lots of smoke in a short time, fully adjustable from light to dense;
  • Maximum smoke output 1000 m³/min;
  • Can be used vertically for a realistic smoke layer;
  • For fire scenarios, but also IGBS and CBRN incidents;
  • While the smoke generator warms up, you stage the incident;
  • Can power other devices;
  • Timer functionality;
  • Equipped with Storz coupling for accessories;
  • Includes 5 litres of smoke fluid and remote control;
  • Plastic box 60 x 40 x 32.5 cm included.
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This Cumulus is in very good condition but has a few small scratches on the casing. Therefore, we are no longer selling this item as new but as B-stock with an attractive discount.

Versatile powerhouse

The FireWare Cumulus (1300 W) smoke generator is a true powerhouse. It effortlessly fills large spaces with smoke, but also a smouldering fire can be created very convincingly by this machine. Subtle smoke layers or just impenetrable smoke? Set it up on the machine and make your training even more realistic!

This powerful smoke generator is, for example, very suitable for staging fires in company premises. However, the Cumulus is versatile and can do more than just stage a fire. It is also the ideal partner for simulating a leak in a pipe system, as it has a Storz coupling at the front. You can connect other devices to it, such as a smoke hose. Fire, IBGS, CBRN, technical assistance, natural fires – you name it, the Cumulus can do it. In addition, you can easily connect the Cumulus to the DMX network and control it centrally.

Horizontal and vertical use

The smoke generator can be used both horizontally and vertically. By positioning the smoke machine vertically, you can create a realistic layer of smoke. Or use the aiming piece Cumulus/Stratus with the Storz coupling to direct the smoke without tilting the machine. In addition, the Cumulus is equipped with a timer so that the smoke machine can do its work at the training location during the briefing.

The Cumulus (1300 W) smoke generator can be controlled on the machine itself or with a remote control. A wired remote control with a 10 meter cable is supplied as standard. Connect multiple cables together to increase the range to more than 100 metres. A wireless remote control is available separately. It allows you to control the smoke machine from up to 100 metres away.

The maximum smoke output of the Cumulus is 1000 m³/min. Set the Cumulus to an output of 48% to continuously add smoke to the scenario. Then the smoke output is 300 m³/min maximum. The output is adjustable from 1% to 99%. You can set not only the amount of smoke the machine generates, but also the speed of the smoke output. And that makes the Cumulus very suitable for simulating a spill.

Powerful and practical

The Cumulus smoke generator is very popular with firefighters. But also think of cooperation exercises as part of counter-terrorism. Think also of training reading smoke signals using the Smoke Hose Set Perforated. The adjustable speed of the smoke output allows you to bring the smoke into the scenario in a dosed way. Or use a smoke hose to shield the Cumulus from extinguishing water.

Thanks to the stainless steel housing, this smoke machine can also be used outdoors, provided that it is protected from the rain and extinguishing water. It can take a beating. The Cumulus has another plus: it can loop power! Use a neutrik connector to connect a fire-watcher for instance. This way you limit the number of wires running through your stage!

Portable giant

The Cumulus (1300 W) weighs 10.5 kg and works on mains power. Despite its power, it only requires 1300 W. So you can easily connect two Cumulus smoke generators to a single free 16A power supply, and still have possibilities for your flame simulation! Plenty of possibilities. The smoke machine has two solid handles. This makes it easy to move and change positions.

The smoke liquid tank has a capacity of 5 litres. Consumption, of course, depends on the set output. The unit is supplied with 5 litres of Medium smoke fluid. Of course, you can also choose to use the Heavy smoke liquid or the Outdoor liquid. With it, you can give your scenario a completely different look. The Cumulus is fitted with six ventilation openings so that it can dissipate its heat well. It is therefore safe to work with this smoke generator.

The Cumulus smoke machine is a great addition to your arsenal of practice materials and is available from FireWare. Of course, you can also rent this powerhouse for occasional larger exercises. Use the FireWare Cumulus smoke generator for a guaranteed successful experience!

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Additional information

Product size (L x W x H)

50,3 x 25 x 24,5 cm


10,5 kg


1300 W, 230 V, 50 Hz / 120 V, 60 Hz

Machine tank capacity

5 liter

Warm-up period

7 min

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