Cirrus battery with stainless steel housing

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  • Extra battery with stainless steel housing specifically designed for the Cirrus battery-powered smoke machine;
  • Stainless steel housing provides high-quality durability and is resistant to daily use, bumps, and shocks;
  • Significantly longer usage time for the Cirrus battery-powered smoke machine;
  • Compact and portable stainless steel housing makes it easy to take the extra battery to different locations;
  • Independent of a power outlet, no need for a power source;
  • Easy installation without extra tools or complicated procedures;
  • Comes without a charger, screws, and fluid tank (included with the purchase of the Cirrus battery-powered smoke machine).
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Discover the power of the Cirrus!

With a full battery charge, the Cirrus battery-powered smoke machine offers up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted smoke or up to 250 puffs of 10 seconds each. But what if the battery is past its prime? And what if the exercises last longer? No worries! This extra battery, including a stainless steel housing, is the perfect solution!

Convenient design

This handy battery is cleverly placed in the lower half of the housing, including a special holder for the fluid tank. Within just 2 minutes, you can easily exchange the battery without hassle or tools and fully enjoy the powerful smoke production. Unscrew the screws, place the new battery underneath, tighten the screws, and you're ready to go!

Longer usage time

With the extra battery in the stainless steel housing, you can significantly extend the usage time of your Cirrus smoke machine. This means you can enjoy continuous smoke or multiple puffs during your exercises for a longer period!

Versatile use

Thanks to the compact and portable stainless steel housing, you can easily take the extra battery to different locations. This way, you are not dependent on a power outlet and have the freedom to use your Cirrus anywhere.

Please note: the battery is delivered without a charger. But don't worry, we have the battery charger available in our webshop.

Maximize your Cirrus smoke machine and experience the freedom and flexibility offered by the extra Cirrus battery. No more limitations to your exercises. Complete your smoke machine setup and enjoy an unparalleled smoke experience wherever you are!

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The instruction for removing the current battery starts at 01:38 min.

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