Burning Wheelie Bin V3

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  • Trash can with built-in flame, smoke and sounds effects;
  • Control all simulation effects with your own smartphone or tablet;
  • Play all sounds at the same time or create a mix;
  • Place papers or other waste on the platform to make the training lifelike;
  • On castors, therefore easy to transport;
  • Wires are neatly concealed, for a realistic effect;
  • In green, blue, red or black.



Complete scenario of a fire in a wheelie bin

The Burning Wheelie Bin ensures a complete simulation of a trash can fire. Create a scenario with flames, smoke and sound with a single touch on your own smartphone or tablet. All the simulation effects are built in the wheelie bin.

Staging the click fire

A Nimbo smoke machine, speakers and a Mini Silkflame LED have been concealed in the Burning Wheelie Bin. In addition, the brain of the new Pandoras Box V3 has been included in this updated edition. This allows the instructor to control all effects for the simulation with his or her own smart device. The Pandora itself hosts a wireless Wi-Fi network for the instructor to log on to by scanning a QR code or manually entering a code. No need for complex software.

Of course, fire sound effects are being included in the Burning Wheelie Bin. But, you can also add the sound of sparks, an explosion or a crying baby to the training. Just to name a few. Therewith you can create an amazing surprise effect for every student! Via your smartphone you can play all sounds at the same time and even create a mix.

Container fire

The Burning Wheelie Bin looks like a real wheeled garbage bin. That is why the simulation is very realistic. All wires are neatly concealed. In addition, a platform is assembled inside the container. The instructor can place papers or other waste on this platform. That way you will make the training lifelike! Combine with the Apollo LED training fire extinguishers or a CO2 extinguisher to stage a fire extinguishing training. How realistic do you want it to be?

Just like a normal trash can, the simulation unit is mobile. That is why it is easy to transport and can be used in many locations. For example, use the wheelie bin for a fire drill in a residential area or warehouse.

A full tank of medium smoke fluid is supplied with the ready-to-use scenario. To make the effect even more realistic and to stimulate the sense of smell, you can use Burning Smell Spray.

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By own smartphone or tablet

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