BAMBI Wildfire simulator

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  • Combine with your own FireWare smoke generator(s) and perforated smoke hose(s).
  • Specially developed for the simulation of wildfires.
  • Also very suitable for transporting practice smoke under pressure through a pipe system.
  • Can move and distribute practice smoke over long lengths, up to 50 metres.
  • Create a smoke front layer over and in the ground.
  • Allows practice smoke to flow evenly from the holes in a smoke hose.
  • Extremely high smoke volume, up to 5200 watts.
  • All cabling can be connected from the outside.
  • Easy to lift, stack and store
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The new accessory to simulate wildfires even better

Wildfires produce a complex smoke image. This is quite a challenge for realistic staging. Smoke from a smoke generator behaves like a point source. For wildfire simulations, however, we need a line source. The BAMBI can move and distribute practice smoke over long lengths (up to 50 metres)!

From point source to line source

Several perforated smoke hoses can be connected to BAMBI. If necessary, these can also be perforated sewer pipes or drainage hoses. This up to a length of 50 metres. The BAMBI is perfectly capable of supplying this entire length with smoke and pressure. The practice smoke will escape evenly from all holes over the entire length. By applying this technique, a smoke front layer is created over and in the ground. Where normally a cloud of smoke would be blown over the nature reserve.

Using existing smoke generators

The BAMBI can be used with Cumulus and Stratus smoke generators. So the BAMBI is an accessory, not a special smoke machine for one application. So economical! The machines are placed in a smoke chamber that is placed in overpressure by means of a sophisticated system. The accumulated smoke is dispersed through the hose system without being broken. A problem that arises when smoke is led "through" a ventilator.

Multiple powers and capacities per exercise possible

The BAMBI can be used in various configurations. There is room for 2 smoke generators in the smoke chamber. This makes it possible to work with 1300 watt (1x Cumulus) up to 5200 watt (2x Stratus). Ideal to adjust the smoke production to the available power of the power generator in a nature reserve.

Extreme amount of smoke

In the smoke chamber, the produced amount of practice smoke is mixed with air. This increases the smoke volume. By using Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme, the smoke image remains very realistic. After all, a forest fire also produces a lot of smoke!

Easy to operate, easy to use

All operating cables of the smoke machines can easily be connected to the outside of the BAMBI. It is also possible to keep the smoke fluid cans outside of the BAMBI. That is very easy for refilling! And are several BAMBIs used? Then they can be easily stacked during transport and storage thanks to the built-in stacking dishes. Due to the large number of handles, BAMBI is also easy to lift.

Also suitable for other applications

The BAMBI is not only useful for simulating natural fires. It can also be used in all other situations where pressurised smoke needs to be transported through a pipe system. Think of the installation in training houses. But also for the simulation of incidents with dangerous substances, where a large amount of practice smoke has to be transported through a pipe system or manifold!

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