Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Reel

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  • Teach students to extinguish with a fire hose reel, without using water
  • Simulates the operation of a real fire hose reel
  • With built-in sound effects of a spraying fire hose reel
  • Including hanging system for mounting on the wall
  • Comes with stickers in preferred language
  • Also available as a training fire extinguisher

Train on the procedures for using a fire hose reel

With the Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Reel, all operating procedures for extinguishing an incipient fire with a fire hose can be practiced. The simulator can be used in any training environment. The extinguishing spray is simulated by a strong LED light and sound effects. That is why it is possible to practice the safe use of fire hose reels and how to act in the event of a fire.

A clean practice area

Using the suspension bracket, you can screw the fire hose reel firmly to the wall. Then you can basically practice anywhere. The nozzle of the Apollo LED only emits a strong blue LED light, which is why training can also be done in training environments that are not suitable for an extinguishing exercise with water. Because the Apollo LED leaves no mess, many students can practice the necessary extinguishing techniques in one day. In addition, the next student can quickly take his or her turn.

Simulate the use of a fire hose reel

The instructor simply activates the training fire hose reel with the push of a button. The simulator now mimics the operation of real fire hose reel. The main valve opens and closes with a quarter turn on the handle. The student unrolls the hose from the reel (20 metres) and points the spray hose at the fire simulation. As soon as the nozzle is turned on, the sound of a spraying fire hose reel is heard and a powerful blue LED emits from the nozzle outlet. The instructor can now teach directing the simulated jet. The extinguishing simulation continues until the nozzle is closed.

The Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Reel responds to the actions of the student. As long as the main valve is closed, it is not possible to start the extinguishing simulation. If the student turns on the main tap, this is immediately communicated to the rest of the system via a WiFi signal. To indicate the status, one of the LEDs lights up. Only then it has effect to open the nozzle. The Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Reel brings a wireless WiFi network into the air, but can also run on your own WiFi network. The Apollo LED has a strong battery, with a capacity for numerous extinguishing exercises. Is the battery empty? Then charge via the included micro-USB cable.

Let the student choose the extinguishing agent

Do you want to instruct which extinguishing agent you need for which fire? Hang an Apollo LED training fire extinguisher in the room and let the student choose the right extinguishing agent. These training fire extinguishers are also used in locations where it is normally difficult or impossible to train, or where no water, foam or powder may be used. The Apollo LED Training Fire Extinguisher is available with a squeeze handle, with a push button or as a CO2 extinguisher.

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