Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Nozzle

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In development until early 2024. Want to stay informed? Contact us!

  • Deploy “digitally” to a simulated fire;
  • Prepare students for real-life situations in any practice area;
  • Operate the Apollo LED just like a real fire hose nozzle;
  • With realistic built-in sound effects;
  • Operation of lever affects sound volume and light intensity;
  • Safe to connect to a fire hose;
  • Can be used as stand-alone;
  • Supplied complete in a Euronorm crate with foam interior and charger.
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With the new Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Nozzle, you can deploy “digitally” to a simulated fire. Replace your real hose nozzle with this simulator and make your training even more realistic!

Training without real fire and water

Imagine this: you want to set up an exercise in a school, shop, nursing home or other object within your own municipality. Then you actually know that you cannot work with real fire and real water. To still train realistically, FireWare has a whole range of simulation tools for the fire brigade and emergency response, which allow you to recreate a fire in a lifelike and non-destructive manner. Now you can also simulate the fire extinguishing. That's the power of the Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Nozzle!

Fire extinguishing with light and sound

A real nozzle has been used as the basis for this new simulator. This allows you to simply connect your own fire hose. The seal at the back prevents residual water from reaching the electronics. The trainee activates the training fire hose nozzle by operating the handle. Immediately, the sound of a real nozzle in operation is heard and a strong blue LED emits from of the mouth.

Variable adjustment

The training fire hose nozzle is infinitely adjustable from narrow to wide. Does the student choose a different deployment?  This has an immediate effect on the sound volume, light intensity and opening angle of the beam. Very realistic!

Battery-powered and in the future equipped with a Wi-Fi module

The Apollo LED is fully battery-operated and can be charged with a standard USB-C charger. The battery lasts up to 5 hours! In the future, it will also be possible for the Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Nozzle to communicate with other WiFi-enabled training equipment.

The Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Nozzle comes complete in a Euronorm crate with foam interior and charger.

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On sale now

The Apollo LED Training Fire Hose Nozzle will be available from the end of Q4 in 2023. But of course, it can be pre-ordered now! Want to see and test the simulator in advance? We are happy to arrange an online video session from our showroom in Wieringerwerf!

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