Add-on Fryer

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  • Can be positioned on top of the Vesta
  • With accessories for added realism
  • Top quality stainless steel
  • Includes a plastic box 60x40x44cm
  • Also for demonstrating the extinguishing of grease fires with water!


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Train with a burning fryer.

This Add-On will allow you to use your FireWare Vesta for simulating various different kitchen incidents. What would you say to using a lid on a burning frying pan? But you can also safely show the effects of what will happen if you still attempt to extinguish a grease fire with water.

The Add-On Fryer is a mock-up of a fryer which can be positioned on top of the FireWare Vesta. Naturally completely made of top quality stainless steel. The Add-On Fryer is supplied in a plastic crate for storage and transport.

The FireWare Vesta’s flames go through the bottom of the pan, allowing for the safe simulation of a ‘flash in the pan’. The accompanying lid can be used to practice the extinguishing procedures. A tray for the real fat is also supplied, ensuring an actual grease fire can be created.

The instructor can remotely add a certain amount of water to the grease fire for demonstration purposes. This will be done with a chain and drop mechanism. A large fire ball will be the direct result and instantly provide the students with the insight that water isn’t always the best means of extinguishing a fire, when this happens to be a grease fire in the kitchen.

The Add-On Fryer is supplied with:

  • Add-on Fryer
  • Lid
  • Bracket for simulating a frying basket
  • Tray for fat
  • Bracket with a tray for water
  • Drop chain
  • Plastic storage box 60x40x44cm

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Stainless steel casing

Size transport box

60 x 40 x 44 cm

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