Add-on Explosion Cage


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  • Add-on for the FireWare Vesta
  • To demonstrate the effect a fire can have on a small aerosol
  • Designed for aerosols of 75 ml or under
  • Designed for aerosols without a pea
  • Delivered in a convenient plastic box for transport (60*40*44 cm)
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The Add-on Explosion Cage is an attachment for the FireWare Vesta. The Explosion Cage is easily attached to the extinguisher trainer. Use it to show your students how a small aerosol reacts to a fire. Warn your students that there will be a burst of flame!

This is not a game

It is important to take proper safety measures when using this Explosion Cage. Make sure that there are no flammable objects nearby and have an extinguisher ready-for-use. The students must put their safety goggles on and make sure they are at a safe distance.

Remove all redundant plastic from the aerosol and place it head down inside this Shock Absorber. Note: only use aerosols without a pea. The pea might provoke dangerous situations. It is important that a professional who understands the risk of an exploding aerosol activates the Vesta.

Loud explosion

A loud explosion follows the ignition of the Vesta within seconds. The prompt explosion demonstrates the risks of the spray cans to the students. Such a small aerosol can have such impressive consequences! The aerosol can be easily replaced after the demonstration. Be careful: both the Vesta and the explosion box are hot. Make sure to be wearing fireproof gloves.

The Add-on Explosion Cage is designed for 75ml-aerosol explosions at the most. For example a small can of hairspray or deodorant. The add-on is delivered in a convenient plastic transport box (60*40*44 cm) that contains the add-on and the product manual.

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