Privacy Statement FireWare

When you order something from FireWare, take a course, rent from us or purchase a service from us, we need personal information from you. You can be sure that we will take good care of this information. After all, you don't want all your data to be thrown out onto the street just like that. We will do everything we can to keep your private data private. We store your data securely. And we do not share them with third parties for commercial purposes.

However, we do share information about you with others we need to be able to keep our agreements with you. Think, for example, of a carrier. He really needs your address in order to deliver the package to you. We make very clear agreements with these organizations that they may only use your data to fulfil the agreement you have made with FireWare: not for other purposes!

In addition, we may pass on your details to one of our dealers. We only do this if you give your permission. We do this because in some cases the dealer is better able to help you than we are able to, for example. For example, because a dealer has more knowledge of the situation in your country.

In order to do our work, we do need some personal information about you.

What data do we need from you?

Your first and last name: We very much want your order to be delivered to you. But we would also like to be able to place a certificate in your name after you have completed a course.
The organisation you work for: FireWare only delivers B2B. For the invoicing and delivery of your items, we need a company name.
Address and place of residence: Without your address we can't deliver anything. Do you have multiple addresses? For example, a separate delivery address and billing address? Then, of course, we will need them all.
IP address: When you visit our website, we look at your IP address. This is how we remember your preferences.
Telephone numbers: It may be that we have questions when we are working for you. Or that there are problems during transport. Then it is nice we can also speak to each other on the phone. And we think it's important to check whether we've done everything according to your wishes. We may also call you about that.
Email address: We will keep you informed about the progress of your order via email. We will also send you an email with the invoice to the billing address you have provided. We publish a newsletter a number of times a year. If you give your consent, we will send it to you. If you change your mind and you don't want to receive it anymore, will make sure that you can quickly unsubscribe with a link at the bottom of the newsletter.
VAT number: Are you a customer outside the Netherlands? Then we need your VAT number in order to be able to deliver at 0% VAT.
Payment data: When you pay an invoice, we have your account number. We process this number in our administration, but do not use it for anything else.

What do we use your data for?

Your account: We keep track of which products you have ordered. But also your invoice and quotation history. This way we can help you with future orders, but also with orders you have already placed. For example, in the event of a repair. If we have requested additional information from you, we will store it in your account. Think of a date of birth that we use on a certificate for a course you have taken with us.
Client: We want to be of service to you as best we can. That is why, for example, we also make conversation notes. This ensures that you don't have to tell your story over and over again, and that the authorized FireWare staff can help you quickly and effectively.
Newsletter: We publish a newsletter a number of times a year. If you give your consent, we will send it to you. If you change your mind and you don't want to receive it anymore, will make sure that you can quickly unsubscribe with a link at the bottom of the newsletter..
Advice: FireWare doesn't stand still. We continuously design cool, new solutions. And if we think one of these solutions is ideal for you, we would like to let you know. By mail, telephone or by post.
Improvement: Continuous improvement is one of FireWare's core values. To do this, we need data. On the website we look at surfing behaviour. We do this, for example, by means of cookies. But we can also approach you to become part of a test panel, for example. We use your data to create better products and services. Of course, we will treat your data properly.
Fraud prevention: Fraud unfortunately occurs. And we want to prevent this from happening: for example, that someone else logs into our website under your name and places orders. Or that someone rents materials and does not bring them back.
Pay afterwards: If you pay for an order afterwards, we can check your creditworthiness. And sometimes we have to use a lawyer, debt collection agency or bailiff to collect unpaid invoices. In doing so, we make use of external parties. Of course we will share your data with you. They may use this data only for that purpose.

View, modify or delete data?

Do you want to view the information we have about you? No problem! Send an email to and we will be happy to show you what information we have about you. Of course, it is also possible to modify your data or have them removed from our system via Jacqueline.

However, if you have placed an order with us, your details will remain on the invoice for 7 years. We cannot and must not remove these. After 7 years we delete all data.