Experience, collaboration and communication as main themes in the hybrid escape room AC Training: “The Disaster”

There has been an explosion in Naaldwijk (The Netherlands). Several houses and the local laboratory have been damaged. Emergency services have been deployed en masse to bring the city residents to safety. There is an important vaccine in the laboratory that must be safeguarded. In order to achieve this, the knowledge and skills of the emergency response team are necessary... Will the participants manage to get the situation in the lab under control within an hour? And hand over the vaccine?

Experience, collaboration and communication are central to The Disaster. The escape room is a good example of a hybrid escape room. AC Opleidingen uses The Disaster for its emergency response training, but the escape room is certainly also suitable for entertainment purposes.

Cracking codes

The Ramp consists of three different areas. In the first room, the participant is directly confronted with the consequences of the explosion. The explosion created total havoc. Access to the lab is easy to find, but the doors will not open due to a power failure. By playing puzzles, cracking codes and following hints, participants can still find their way through the spaces. For this they use objects that are present in the rooms. This could be objects with RFID tags or the use of black light. Just like in a well-secured area, these objects can be scanned to gain access to other areas.

Hybrid escape room

This escape room is used hybrid; both for entertainment and for emergency services. For example, the emergency response team member is asked to extinguish a fire. If the fire is extinguished with the correct extinguisher, the fire will go out and a new hint is obtained. Participants enter the escape room with a walkie-talkie. This allows them to communicate with the help center, the game supervisor. Good cooperation and communication are required to progress in the game.

Each room is equipped with cameras, so that the instructor can watch at all times via a tablet and assess the actions of the student. The instructor also uses the tablet as a digital checklist. With the help of this checklist the puzzles and the system are checked. After that can be turned on the escape room.

Learning by experiencing

Arie Camfferman, founder and owner of AC courses has built a beautiful setting. FireWare has provided the rooms with various effects and interactive games. It even uses a hologram. All content is developed internally at FireWare. Because the design team, the technicians and programmers all work closely together at FireWare, very beautiful things can be built in a short time! Not only games, but also the light and sound effects are all coordinated automatically.

The intended learning and teaching goals play a main role in the design. Various topics around the themes of life-saving action, fire, evacuation, communication and first aid are discussed!

Develop an escape room together?

AC Opleidingen uses The Disaster to teach participants something in a fun and interactive way. For this training center in Naaldwijk, FireWare also contributed to the development of “The Horticulture”. For an impression of this hybrid escape room, see: Escape room The Horticulture.

Do you also have great ideas about using games for information transfer and do you want to include our expertise? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together with you we create something cool!