Customisation at JE-BHV

Jeroen Schinkel feels JE-BHV’s strength is in a customised emergency response team. “We work with lesson material we have developed ourselves and adjust this in line with each target group. An institution which works with homeless people and addicts would like its emergency response team to be prepared for accidents involving poisoning or drugs overdoses, which is something we can organise.”

It goes without saying that customised practices also form part of customised theories. He was already aware of FireWare as a result of a previous position. “I wanted something different than the standard staging materials. I found FireWare via the internet and this instantly clicked! I particularly found the realistic training and the stimulation of all senses very appealing.”

JE-BHV moved into new premises at the end of 2010. “There was an office and a large hall. It was a challenge to position the walls in such a way that there was space for classrooms and a scenario trainer. FireWare came up with a compact design which still offered sufficient space for all our requirements.”

We have now managed to realise two classrooms, an entrance with a (training) desk and a scenario trainer with six training areas. All manner of different things have been staged within a 50 square meter area: from a short circuit in a meter cupboard to a kitchen fire. Schinkel: “The doors in the trainer open up on various different sides, ensuring the students can learn the door procedure in all sorts of different ways. The walls are easy to move. So if I feel we’re ready for something new in a couple of years, this will soon be realised!”