Complete ACM Emergency Response Team buses

ACM quickly developed from a small company founded by three men into a sizeable Connexxion Ambulance Care subsidiary. They are still constantly developing through the use of the very latest techniques. Mobility is always central in this regard.
Aart Bosmans and two of his colleagues together founded ACM Training Courses back in 2006. “Connexxion Ambulance Care’s experiences showed there was a need for a better implementation of training courses. We were asked if we could organise this.” No sooner said than done, the three went about organising First Aid courses alongside their jobs with the ambulance service.  “This once again resulted in demands for training courses from Emergency Response Teams and the fire service. Of course we were very familiar with the specific work field, which allowed us to quickly see things could definitely be done differently or better.” ACM experienced rapid growth and became a Connexxion subsidiary in 2009, not only known for its taxis and public transport, but also as a result of the ambulance services it provides.

“Mobile, modular and linkable”

“Everything mobile, modular and linkable”, that’s Bosmans’ motto. This gave him the idea of buses for the emergency response training courses. “Each instructor has his own car and is responsible for his own things. Plus everything is always complete!” A beautiful bus is on display in the garage, full of resources for the emergency response lesson. Everything is neatly stored away within a solid frame. “Agreement is reached with the instructors beforehand regarding what they want to store in their buses. We subsequently asked FireWare whether this was possible and they came up with the initial design.” With separate compartments for the fire doll, extinguishing trainer, attachments, practice extinguishers and a filling system, an extinguishing exercise can be set up in no time at all. But everything is certainly also within easy reach if a scenario for an evacuation needs to be set up: a smoke machine, a SoundBox, a Brad with Body for CPR and, of course, the large and small silk flames.


The uniformity these buses result in is important: “We are becoming bigger and this means more teachers. I can now quickly order another bus and everything will be exactly the same. We started off with 6 of these emergency response buses and are now regularly placing follow up orders.”


“FireWare knows the company and can effectively think along. They have a broad perspective, which allows for easy communication.” We have enjoyed the collaboration and this has also resulted in some more ideas. ACM Training Courses has tasked FireWare with the design and construction of semi-mobile training units. “A fixed location will limit your flexibility and the units as a training venue allow us to effectively react to our customers’ needs. It’s all about listening to what your customer wants and needs.”