BVL Drenthe: riding in the back of a water tender

BVL, or fire-safe life, is a project within the Netherlands Fire Service to inform the general public on how to prevent fires, damage and casualties. The safety region of Drenthe now has a very unique information container!

Fire prevention

Visitors ride along in the back of a water tender. They pass several fires and incidents along the way, providing insight into the causes of fire. But there are also a large number of tips on how to prevent fires: an installation that encourages you to think.

The water tender is made up of an old hook-arm container. Instead of disposal, a choice was made for sustainable reuse. The Drenthe Safety Region and FireWare worked together intensively to make it all happen. For example, the 24-hour service of the safety region took care of the entire structure. An impressive piece of work!

The installation consists of 8 screens that are placed in an interactive setting around the visitors. The information show is played on these screens. Supported by light, smoke and sound effects, visitors will have a complete experience. Outside you will find an extra screen, which shows visitors waiting in line when the next show starts.

Interactive roadshow

Everything for a good road show can be found in this BVL container. There is plenty of storage space for leaflets, inflatable mascots, water and all the other things that are needed during an information meeting. There is even an electrically extendable sunshade that ensures that participants are sheltered in the sun, and in the rain. The entire installation is operational within 10 minutes. The information container is also "Vandal-proof" as we say in firefighting!

The installation has 6 seats. The rear 2 places can be removed so that visitors who use a wheelchair also have a place. There is a separate entrance and exit, allowing a smooth show and a decent separation of the incoming and outgoing audience.

Graffiti has transformed the outside of the container into an actual water tender. The installation has a high attraction value for a broad target group and is designed in such a way that the content and decor of the show can be easily adjusted. This has resulted in a future-proof, widely deployable information solution!

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