Pandora’s box and Cirrus in military specialist journal “De Onderofficier” (the NCO)

05 June 2019
De onderofficier Pandora Cirrus

“De Onderofficier”, a publication of the Commander Land Forces, is a specialist journal informing the non-commissioned officers of our land forces of the latest developments in their field of expertise. Part of this specialist journal is the column “materials checked out”. Of course, we are thrilled that this year’s April issue highlights training materials. And we are particularly proud that both the FireWare Cirrus and the Pandora are in the spotlight!

Introduced in several land force departments

Recently, both the Medical Skillslab Schaarsbergen and the Basecommando 43 Mechbrig can dispose of a training set combining the Cirrus battery-operated smoke generator and a Pandora’s box. These two items combined offer a full-range training because of the realistic flame and smoke image and the sound effects these items create. And all of those features are battery-operated. The perfect tools for army troops to create a realistic training situation without any effort, even in locations where there is no power supply.

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The journal “De Onderofficier” is an official edition of the Commander Land Forces (C-LAS). It is delivered to the homes of the NCOs of the Royal Army. We would like to give our special thanks to Kees Lit of this magazine’s redaction for the positive product evaluation he published.

Gotten curious about the full article in the journal “De Onderofficier”? You can read all about it here!

Interested in the possibilities of the Cirrus and Pandora?

The Cirrus and Pandora’s box are available at FireWare as a lucrative staging set until June 21st. Upon every purchase of the set, FireWare offers 10 free Burning Smell Spray cans and 2 free litres of Cirrus Fluid! This adds yet another dimension to your staged scenario: the scent of a fire. And think about the extra smoke layers the free 2 litres of Cirrus smoke fluid will offer!

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