New Fire and Life Safety Experience for the Fryslân Safety Region: The Chameleon Race!

18 April 2017

The time that a fire brigade would stand on top of a soap box with a stack of leaflets to provide some information is now well and truly a thing of the past. This is why the Fryslân Safety Region is working on a completely new information provision concept together with FireWare: The Chameleon Race! The Chameleon Race is an educational game relating to themes within the Fire Safe Living project. Fryslân Safety Region’s Fire Safe Living Container is used to provide information in a fun and interactive manner.

The chameleon is a popular children’s book series, written by Hotze de Roos. The twins Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer go on all sorts of adventures in their super boat “the Chameleon”. Hielke and Sietse’s dad, in addition to being a blacksmith, is also the Fire Service Commander ... And it goes without saying all adventures take place in Friesland.

The Chameleon Race is based on the “The Chameleon in the spotlight” book. A fire starts on a farm. The fire engine is driven onto a barge and pushed to the incident location by the chameleon in order to extinguish the fire.

Visitors are challenged to answer questions about the themes in the fire safe living project. This could include questions about flash in the pan, smoke detectors, CO, chimney fires and having an escape plan. The chameleon will advance 2 places in case of a correct answer and only one place in case of an incorrect answer ... Which participant will be the first to get “his” Chameleon to the fire and start extinguishing it?

The installation is built in an “old” COPI hook arm container. This has been adjusted to give it a large window on the side, allowing visitors a good view of the Chameleon Race. There is space for objects from the fire technical research team on the back of the container. It goes without saying we have also allowed for plenty of storage. Everything needed for a successful and educational information provision event can be found in this one hook arm container! Plus we have also thought about future-proofing: the decor is easy to change in line with another theme.

The realisation of the Chameleon Race is a collaboration between the Fryslân Safety Region and FireWare. The majority of the work will be carried out by people from the 24 hour service in the region. FireWare is supporting the process with specialist knowledge and components. This has certainly resulted in significant cost savings! All mechanical components and electronics are incredibly robust. “Fire Service Proof” as it’s referred to in jargon. From the guide rails to move the Chameleons to the control and from the screens to the effects. This will ensure the region can enjoy the installation for many years.

One unique aspect about the installation is that it actively measures the answers provided by the visitors. We will look at what percentage of visitors have answered a question correctly or incorrectly per subject and question. “False” answers are filtered out by a special logarithm, making sure we are left with a reliable image of the visitors’ knowledge. A daily report of this information is automatically produced and sent to the safety region by email. This allows for the possibility of planning much more targeted actions in relation to the right subjects in the future.

The construction has now started. We are expecting the Chameleon Race to be operational immediately after the summer holiday.

Are you thinking about developing a Fire Safe Living container or vehicle? Then do get in touch with us. We would gladly think along with you!