Latest update F.I.I.T. (Update Q3 2019)

12 November 2019

The FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer never ceases to develop. There is a bi-annual meeting for users and FireWare developers to discuss the progress and supplements needed. The outcomes of these meetings are processed in an update.

New scenarios to support the Fight against Terrorism (TGB):

Training becomes more and more focused on incidents involving a large number of casualties, like incidents focusing on the outcome of a terrorist attack (TGB in Dutch). The F.I.I.T. now features a nightclub scenario against which background a shooting, an incident with a suicide bomber and a stabbing with a machete can be projected.

Possibilities for Advanced Life Support (ALS)

In general, the F.I.I.T. is used to train Basic Life Support (BLS). It was however requested that the F.I.I.T. could also be used to train Advanced Life Support (ALS) scenarios. In order to accommodate this target group, the interior of an ambulance was added as well. By placing the manikin on a stretcher inside the F.I.I.T., it is possible to simulate setups inside a driving ambulance. Of course, the illusion of movement and the sound of a siren are added as a distraction.

In addition to the ambulance setup, there was also an ICU / emergency environment added in order to train even more complex simulations in a realistic training environment.

What else is in the pipeline?

The developments continuously evolve. Currently, we are working on a state-of-the-art camera registration module for better and more efficient evaluations. An asset for Evidence-based learning!

The scenarios for basic and advanced life support aren’t the only scenarios the F.I.I.T. offers. Practice fire scenarios are also lined up. For instance, we are working on the integration of an interactive LED extinguisher and a fully interactive automatic fire alarm system.

Safety will also be addressed in the next update. Training how to correctly and efficiently use emergency stop switches and other safety provisions will become fully interactive in the future!

Want your own F.I.I.T.?

The FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer is multifunctional. Check out the product page for an overview of its current features. The showroom in Wieringerwerf has a F.I.I.T. installed for visitors. You are welcome to drop by for a demonstration!