Latest update F.I.I.T. (Update Q1 2019)

29 March 2019

The FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer never ceases to develop. It is our policy to involve the users in the process of development, in order to make sure that they can rely on quarterly customized updates.

We organize user days to pinpoint the demands and needs of the users and to determine which updates should be prioritized. Our most recent user day was organized in December 2018. An overview of the events of this user day can be found here.

Update Q1 2019

Updates that are being introduced will be made available to all registered F.I.I.T. users.

New scenarios

The update includes five new scenarios:

  • Insect bite
  • Slipping incident
  • Falling incident
  • Drowning
  • Choking

New settings

In addition, new settings were added:

  • Park (epileptic seizure, heart attack, insect bite, incident with a chain saw)
  • Departure hall (epileptic seizure, heart attack)
  • Nursing home                 (epileptic seizure, heart attack, falling incidents, poisoning, choking)
  • Airport (waiting for requests for scenarios by the users)
  • Swimming pool (epileptic seizure, heart attack, slipping incident, drowning)

In the industrial room, the epileptic seizure and heart attack scenario have been added.

New functionalities

In addition to new scenarios and new settings, the Update Q1 2019 also includes new functionalities:

AED (Fireshock)
This second tablet offers a realistic simulation of the functionalities incorporated in an AED. The Fireshock takes the students through the process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


Gases detector
The gases detector is fully functional and can be used to detect increased CO2 values, sulphur and other gases, according to the settings chosen by the instructor.


New interface

The user friendliness of the interface has been increased upon the users’ request. In addition to this, new buttons allow a simplified operation of both the beamers and the installation itself.

Further updates

  • The emergency services now approach the various scenarios from the right-side projection.
  • An elderly Ambuman was added to the animations in the nursing home.
  • Incidents involving the Ambuman occur in various screens.

The existing F.I.I.T. users have received the Update Q1 2019. We are looking forward to hearing their experiences!

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Updates Q2 2019

The next update is scheduled for the end of Q2 2019. The focus of this update will be primarily on the scenarios’ dynamics and duration. In addition, integrating the personal safety element in the scenarios is also an important point of attention.

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