Fryslân SR and Gelderland South SR Inspiration Meeting for an interactive Fire Safe Living Experience

25 November 2016
Inspiratiebijeenkomst BVL 2
Inspiratiebijeenkomst BVL 3
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Inspiratiebijeenkomst BVL

There are days when you are simply bouncing around with an abundance of energy ... Thursday 24th November was one of those days! A team from the Gelderland South Safety Region came to visit the Fryslân Safety Region in Leeuwarden. They brought the RED ALERT along with them, an information provision vehicle from the fire safe living project. This vehicle was built by the people in the 24 hour service. The aim of the meeting: To inspire. And that’s certainly what happened!

Fryslân SR would also like to build its own state of the art fire safe living experience. A COPI container which is no longer in use has been made available for this purpose. This region also has a complete team at its disposal which is simply itching to get started on the construction activities. So it’s obviously very enjoyable for ideas and experiences to be exchanged. What’s it like to run a creative, technically complex, realisation project? What are the pitfalls? What are the opportunities? And how can this be integrated with all the other activities?

The Fryslân SR team delved into every possible nook and cranny of the RED ALERT and asked the GS SR people a million questions. FireWare was asked to look after the creative and technical supervision for both projects. Inspiring collaborations is one of our core values and if this wasn’t an inspiring collaboration, we really don’t know what is!

The day was concluded with a brainstorming session about how the Fryslân SR container can be designed and transformed into a unique Fire Safe Living experience. We are definitely convinced the Frisian team will be completing an amazing project during the first half of 2016, which the whole of Friesland will be talking about!

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