Improved performance: Air Formation’s cabin crew trainers

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23 March 2017

A FireWare team travelled to Toulouse on 22nd and 23rd March to service the two Air Formation cabin crew trainers. This fast growing organisation is currently using two of FireWare’s simulators. The first trainer is being used for “dry” training exercises. Real fire extinguishing takes places in the second simulator, plus this trainer also allows for complex communication scenarios.

The new Air Formation location is very impressive. This modern aviation training centre can be found less than 10 minutes from Toulouse Blagnac Airport. The facility offers training for cabin personnel, (test) pilots and maintenance engineers. The Airbus test pilots and flight engineers are just some of those trained in this training centre.

One nice additional detail is that the French astronaut (and now an Airbus test pilot) Philippe Perrin also used the FireWire simulator during his training at Air Formation. His comments in the guest book were incredibly positive:

““Un grand Merci pour cette formation bien supérieure a tout ce que j’ai pu connaître dans ma carrière de pilote de chasse, de  pilote de ligne, et d’astronaute ! Un grand Bravo des deux mains” (8th March 2016)

This is of course a huge compliment from someone who has certainly seen and experienced a great deal in life!

The simulators have now been in use for some time. Air Formation has therefore acquired a significant amount of experience where providing these training courses is concerned. Excellence is just one of FireWare’s core values. A number of points of improvement were identified by actively engaging in conversations with the trainers. These points were easy to adjust during a software maintenance round. The simulators will be equipped with even more options as a result of the current updates!

We have specifically realised a number of improvements where audio playback and working with video files are concerned. The instructor can now create an even more realistic training experience with fewer buttons. We have also added a number of challenging new scenarios for the communication between cabin personnel and the Cockpit.

Would you like to find out more about Air Formation? Then do visit their website:

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