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10 May 2019

Are you ready for your next staging? You are, if it’s up to us! We assembled six staging sets, by which you can get started right away. All staging sets contain the give-away of free products, whereby you can expand your exercise! Offers expire on June 21st, 2019.

Offer 1: Silver Fire Manikin, Standard and Flammable Gel

This bundle is the go-to for enabling customers to create a challenging fire training. For every purchase of a Silver Fire Manikin combined with a Fire Manikin Stand 2.0, get 4 x 1 litres Low Smoke Flammable Gel added to your order for free. A perfect set for a training with a fire blanket!

The Silver Fire Manikin can be positioned in the standard and be ignited with the flammable gel on the supplied vest. The flammable gel ignites the Fire Manikin in a quick but safe manner. Moreover, this also extends the manikins life span, as the gel burns at a relatively low temperature.

Offer 2: Free Mini-Silfklame when buying a Phoenix

Silkflames are great training tools for quickly creating a realistic flame image. The Phoenix is particularly suitable for the simulation of large flames measuring from 1 to 200 cm. During this promotion, every purchase of a Phoenix will be complemented with a free Mini-Silkflame. Combine the two and create even more impressive scenarios!

Offer 3: Staging set: Pandora's box + Cirrus

This bundle enables the user to set up a complete exercise which stimulates many senses in all kinds of scenarios. Pandora's box has a storage compartment for the Cirrus battery smoke generator, which is ideal for staging exercises in areas where there is no power supply.

Adding the smell of fire with the free cans of Burning Smell Spray has a profound effect on the reality level of an exercise. Stimulation of the sense of smell puts students on edge. And with 2 litres of free Cirrus smoke fluid, the set should last for a while!

Offer 4: Nebula AR + 2 FREE cans of Burning Smell Spray

With this set, you enable customers to create a realistic smoke exercise, in places where smoke is not desirable. During the promotion, every order of the Nebula AR is accompanied by 2 free cans of Burning Smell Spray to add the smell of fire to your training and make it even more realistic! The set offers a complete experience, stimulating various senses.

Offer 5: FireWare Nimbo + 5 litre Smoke Fluid for FREE

The compact size and the high quality of the FireWare Nimbo smoke generator makes it a perfect device to work with in many training situations. With 5 L Medium Smoke Fluid for free, the machine can be used right away!

Offer 6: Training Set Seat of Fire with 2 FREE smoke fluids

Smoke, sound, smell, flames; all you need to stage a small fire packed in a single box. Now with two 5-litre containers of FireWare Smoke Fluid for FREE!

Ready to get started? Check out all our get started staging sets!

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