FireWare workshops in the words of KWK: ‘The best results are achieved through fun’

07 January 2020

At FireWare we have spent many years hosting creative workshops that both grab and hold the attention of all participants. That helps us to get to know each other better in a fun way and allows us to find a solution together. In recent months we had the privilege of hosting a number of workshops together with building aficionados KWK Huisvestingsregisseurs. Anke Neecke reflected on the results in their magazine, De Regisseur.

Complete involvement

You'll certainly recognise them – the endless meetings and brainstorming sessions where the same people always talk and the outcome can be predicted before they even start. We describe these types of gatherings as lean backward meetings. But FireWare prefers its workshops to take the form of a lean forward meeting. Every participant is 100 percent involved, 100 percent of the time. And that allows everybody to contribute their ideas, insights, opinions and solutions, making optimal use of the group's collective knowledge!

Playing during working hours

Together with KWK we hosted a range of creative gatherings. One example was our use of the Lego Serious Play method for a series of workshops to mark the new Brabant North Fire Services headquarters. Lego Serious Play sees our certified facilitator ask the participants a series of well-prepared questions. They use these questions to build a 3D model with Lego blocks, after which the model is explained to the group. It's an incredibly fun way to tackle brainstorming, teambuilding, strategy development, conflict management, process optimisation and much, much more!

To celebrate the opening of a new exercise centre for Haaglanden Fire Services we confronted the firefighters with a very different challenge: build your own centre using cardboard cubes. Once they explained their constructions, the group created a building together. Find out more about the creative gatherings at KWK in the interview with Anke Neecke.

Would you also like to play?

If you'd like to know more about our workshop methods, such as how Lego can be used to get answers to your questions in a company, then take a look at our website! To see the full edition of De Regisseur, click here.