FireWare organises the first staging course in the Middle East for Dubai Civil Defence

10 April 2017
Ensceneringscursus Midden Oosten Dubai Civil Defence 2
Ensceneringscursus Midden Oosten Dubai Civil Defence 3
Ensceneringscursus Midden Oosten Dubai Civil Defence

An increasing number of fire services are now recognising the importance of staging training. After all, a great deal of money is being spent on training materials, but at the end of the day it’s all about what you do with it! A good staging training course will ensure an instructor can get the very most out of his or her lessons.

FireWare’s staging training courses are very popular within the Netherlands. Training instructors in this specific area is something very new in the Middle East. Dubai Civil Defence has the scoop! We were asked to organise the very first training course at their extensive training facility on 29th March 2017. Six of the training facility’s employees were taken off into the wondrous world of flame simulation and CBRNe staging, to name but a few.

Dubai is a multicultural society with more than 200 nationalities. There was therefore considerable diversity within the training centre. Approximately 400 students are trained every day. These training courses are aimed at the fire service, as well as for basic safety courses (a type of emergency response). This certainly makes for an incredibly interesting learning environment. The desire to be able to realise realistic staging within a short period of time is universal. It’s very inspirational to be involved with staging in an environment like this!

A visit to their website is certainly worth the effort:

Are you interested in a staging training course too? Then read all about the training programme here, or alternatively get in touch with us!