FireWare on Icelandic news!

14 September 2022

It is an extraordinary sight: our own Sef Hendrickx subtitled in Icelandic in front of the camera of RÚV, Iceland's national broadcaster. In the background, in the Vaðlaheiðar tunnel, a calamity drill has just taken place. This exercise is part of an impressive simulation project in the land of ice and fire.

"We (FireWare) use special effects from the theatre and film industry and adapt them so that we can help emergency workers become and stay competent," Sef explains. The tunnel exercise was organised in cooperation with Fire Brigade Akureyri, the Icelandic Road Administration (Vegagerðin) and our Icelandic distributor Landstjarnan (Sverrir Bermann). As in the Netherlands, Icelandic laws and regulations require practical emergency exercises once every four years. A small exercise was held before the opening of the Vaðlaheiðar tunnel. According to Ólaf Stefánsson, fire chief in Akureyri, it was now time for a better exercise.

Mobile tunnel fire simulation set

That is why the Icelandic road service invested in a unique simulation concept developed by FireWare and Landstjarnan. With a trailer full of suitable practice and simulation equipment, any tunnel in the country can be converted into a temporary practice centre. Without damaging the environment or people involved and complete with interactive high-tech control. Besides designing and supplying the materials, FireWare is also allowed to teach the Akureyri fire brigade in Iceland the intricacies of simulation. This allows the exercise leaders to provide the emergency services on site with challenging and realistic scenarios for years to come.

Those intricacies are in good shape, by the way. It was great to work with so many professional people. A good definition of the learning objectives, excellent preparation, very good material (😜), lots of humour and above all a great team made this an excellent exercise!

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