FireWare at the Hobrand – Plot Demo Day

17 June 2016
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Hobrand plot demodag

FireWare was a guest at the Hobrand - Plot demo day on Thursday 16th June 2016. This demo day enables visitors to become familiar with the most recent firefighting developments. FireWare was asked to organise 5 different sessions in relation to staging and training materials.

The location, the PLOT in the Belgian Genk, was perfect for this event. We were able to stage a kitchen fire including a flame passage with minimum resources in one of their training buildings. This allowed us to demonstrate our ability to effectively create a realistic smoke layer build up with the Cumulus and Stratus smoke machines. Visitors personally experienced that the creation of a black smoke illusion is actually possible during a training exercise! The battery-operated Blow Hard overpressure ventilator ensured the building was quickly cleared again and ready for the next group.

Hobrand sells the FireWare training materials in Belgium. Therefore, this event was the perfect opportunity to introduce both our realistic training materials and the Hobrand team.

In addition to the FireWare sessions, there were also sessions on decontamination, Cutters Edge, MSA and Vetter. Visitors could also visit the various stands in between the interactive demonstrations. FireWare brought along an extensive collection of training materials to demonstrate.

Hobrand certainly merits a huge compliment for their fantastic organisational efforts. The PLOT team also deserves a pat on the back; they did everything within their power to create the ideal conditions. This is what we think inspiring collaborations are all about!

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