FireWare assist in Zele during the RopaRun

24 January 2019
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 2
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 3
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 4
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 6
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 7
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 9
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun

Just like previous years, the Belgian municipality of Zele is doing its utmost to welcome the RopaRun runners as hospitably as possible. Of course this comes as no surprise, as Zele itself is represented by 3 teams in this sponsored run (Team 147-Magnetrol, Team 182- De Koddelopers and Team 288- De Moerenlopers).

But the Zele teams certainly aren’t the only ones receiving a fantastic welcome: the municipality is raising the roof for all the teams!

The RopaRun is a relay race of more than 500 kilometres from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam, whereby teams realise some top sporting achievements in order to raise money for people suffering from cancer. The motto is therefore:

“Adding life to the days, where all too often days can no longer be added to life”

FireWare has been helping with this event for the past 8 years. This year’s theme was “crooked”. Zele’s fire service built a fantastic “crooked” castle. A number of smaller castles with children’s games were also realised. The village square was once again decorated beautifully and the mega-sized DODO was put in place again. All these elements naturally have to be appropriately lit and equipped with smoke and fire effects. That’s something FireWare excels at.

FireWare’s team received some great assistance with the lighting again this year: Aukes, JE-BHV and Profhire were once again present to support this great cause. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing: people dressed up in accordance with the theme, a DJ and some delicious catering .... All the ingredients for a fantastic passing through were in place!

FireWare has an incredible amount of respect for all the runners and volunteers from the RopaRun Foundation. But also for all the volunteers in Zele. It’s enormously inspiring to see so many people working together for such an important goal. For us to be part of this and to be able to provide a small contribution is a huge honour.

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