Everything you need to stage a small fire extinguishing training in one set: the new Fire Extinguishing Simulation Kit

21 September 2020

Everything you need to stage a small fire extinguishing exercise with simulated fire is now available in one complete set: the Fire Extinguishing Simulation Kit. This set includes the Cirrus battery operated smoke machine, Pandora's Box and an Apollo LED training fire extinguisher. Combine the training materials and ensure a realistic flame simulation, the sound effects and the smoke experience of an incipient fire!

With this new training set you can challenge students to act adequately and to test extinguishing competences. The training materials from the set work on a battery and are immediately operational. You can build and dismantle the staging in no time!

A clean extinguishing training on battery

Of course we are aware of the implications of Covid-19 for exercise programs. That is exactly why we have created the Fire Extinguishing Simulation Kit. The training materials do not have to be connected to mains power during use. Therefore, trainees can spread out over the entire training environment and practice at a safe distance from each other. In addition, Pandora's Box and the FireWare Cirrus can be controlled remotely using the Pandora wireless remote control. This allows the instructor to influence the actions of the student from a distance.

Working with this set keeps the practice environment clean, a training can be practiced almost anywhere. Moreover, the next student can quickly take his or her turn. In one day, many students can follow the extinguishing training and show that they have mastered all necessary extinguishing skills.

More information?

The Fire Extinguishing Simulation Kit is available with 3 variations of Apollo LED training fire extinguishers. For more information and detailed photos of the set, we would like to refer you to our webshop.

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