End of Year offers at FireWare

16 October 2019

The first autumn days have arrived and the end of 2019 is now in sight. This year too, we will end it with a bang with our carefully selected end-of-year offers.

For example, score a nice discount on add-ons when purchasing the Vesta fire extinguisher. Or stimulate the senses of students with Burning Smell Spray, which is temporarily free with the purchase of a Nebula AR set. The big blast from our end-of-year offers is the great deal on the installation of the FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer. An unique opportunity to get yourself a complete practice experience at home!

Curious about all offers from our promotion? Read more in the newsletter below or have them back in our webshop!

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Dear reader,

The last quarter of 2019 has arrived. Let's end the year with a bang! In this newsletter we will showcase our end of year packages. Read along to see which training materials have been selected or check all offers on our website.

All deals are valid until Januari 21st 2020. 

If you have any questions, or are in need of any help with the promotion, please feel free to contact us!

Best regards from the Netherlands,
Dennis Kroonenberg

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Fine discount on the FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer
This innovative training solution offers a customized challenge for any trainee, where people witness a projected incident happening on screen and are then urged to act accordingly and handover the fictitious victim to the professional assistance. All trainees have their own, individual training experience. Another situation, location and/or scenario are quickly selected.

The F.I.I.T. addresses every sense. The scenario is projected on 3 walls and is supported by light and audio effects. The instructor operates the installation from a smartphone or tablet. Do your trainees act according to the incident’s needs? Evaluate their skills with the F.I.I.T.! For a limited time only, available with a discount.

Contact us for a non-binding offer.

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NFPA Diamond set + free Chemical Smell Spray
The Hazard Rating Diamond, or NFPA-704 diamond, allows first responders to assess the hazards of a certain chemical substance. First responders are trained in recognizing the different indications of the NFPA diamond and need to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

For instance, a NFPA Diamond could be placed on a tank or a pipe. By adding Chemical Smell Spray you add an extra dimension to the exercise!

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Fusion soundbox + wireless remote
The Fusion features 45 sound effects with special sounds for staging. Think of a diesel engine, a barking dog, fire noise, a crying baby or crying for help in various languages. Temporarily, the Fusion will be complemented with a free wireless remote!

With the remote you influence scenario on distance. Thereby you increase the surprise factor of sounds during the exercise!

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Combi-deal: Vesta + Gas Cylinder + Electric Motor
The Vesta fire extinguisher really teaches students how to put out a fire! And with its unique add-ons, you add new dimensions to every follow-up exercise.

For industrial scenarios we have this combi-deal, consisting of the Vesta, Add-on Electric Motor and Add-on Gas Cylinder. The engine can be placed on top of the Vesta. The gas cylinder can be placed both next to the fire extinguisher and be connected to the extra gas outlet.

Do you already own one of these industrial attachments? Then contact us to see further options!

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Package deal: Cumulus smoke generator
The FireWare Cumulus smoke generator (1300 W) is a true powerhouse. It easily and quickly fills large rooms with smoke. Since its output is adjustable from 1 to 99% it can also create a smouldering fire. The Cumulus can be used horizontally and vertically.

Use the wireless remote control to coordinate the smoke generator from a distance. And with 12 cans of free smoke liquid, this set will last a long time!

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Package deal: Stratus smoke generator
The FireWare Stratus (2600 W) has an output that is approximately twice as powerful as that of the Cumulus. Therefore, it may be considered a true giant among the smoke generators. The Stratus can easily and quickly fill a huge room like a garage, shed or a swimming pool full of smoke. Very suitable for building vertical smoke layers.

In addition to the Stratus smoke generator, the bundle consists of a wireless remote control with a range up to 100 meters. By adding the different smoke fluids you can stage very varying scenarios.

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Nebula AR + 2 free cans of Burning Smell Spray
Do you want to simulate smoke in places where practice smoke is not desirable? This is possible with the Nebula AR! This smoke simulation mask fits over a bare face and breathing mask and is equipped by a LCD-screen. The screen can become more or less transparent at the touch of a button. With the included remote control, the instructor can control up to 4 groups of masks.

During the promotion, two free cans of Burning Smell Spray will be accompanied to add the smell of fire to your training. Thereby you will make the training even more realistic! Available in Miniset of two masks and Maxiset of four masks.

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Sweet 16! FireWare smoke fluids
FireWare is celebrating its 16th birthday with a special offer on smoke fluids per 16 cans. A thinner smoke liquid gives a lower smoke density and clears faster than a heavier version.
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Training Set Seat of Fire with 2 free smoke fluids
Smoke, sound, smell, simulated flames: all you need to stage a small fire packed in a single box. The box is made of plastic and has a lid. This box is made from synthetic material and comes with a lid. Inside it contains foam filling, tailor-made to fit the items inside. There is even some space left for personal belongings!

Now with two 5-litre containers of FireWare Smoke Fluid for free!

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