Development FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer

Development FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer

Thursday December 20th was a special day at the FireWare office. Our brainstorm room served its purpose for the last time prior to being transformed into offices in 2019, and it was a smashing session! The delegations of RBOC Fort Markenbinnen, Intertraining, Preventief, and Ready2Rescue joined our brainstorm session in order to take action in the further development of the FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer. They have been using the F.I.I.T. for a while now to offer many emergency response students and first responders a unique training experience. Therefore, they can offer valuable feedback.

Interactive Incident Trainer

The FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer allows students to witness a staged incident. Then they must properly react to the situation. The cabin represents a realistic training environment installed by means of projection, animation, scenery and light and sound effects. Instructors select and influence scenes through an iPad or a Smartphone. For example, one touch of a button creates a simulated car accident. And it is just as simple to stage an accident in a workshop. What does your student do? Does he alarm an ambulance? Yet again, just one touch of the button introduces the ambulance. Now, the student can interact with the first responders. The iPad makes this interaction effortlessly possible. The optical and audio effects in the cabin will automatically adjust to the chosen scenario. Therefore, the instructor can focus his attention on other issues.

New developments

First we sat down for a cup of coffee and then we proudly presented our visitors the latest developments of the FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer. There were several newly programmed scenarios, like various incidents in a kitchen and a warehouse. Moreover, we added functionalities and interaction possibilities to the existing scenarios. We tend to involve our users in the process of development of the training materials. Thus, we deliver custom-made products!

Customization is our guide

The training centre RBOC Fort Markenbinnen was represented by Desirée Maassen and Jurjen de Lange. They established their unique training centre in a renovated fortress that was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This fact of course demanded a custom-made solution when installing the projection cabin.

Wide range of use

Marloes Kempers and her father joined the group on behalf of Intertraining. Intertraining mainly focuses on fire prevention and safety and in-house emergency response teams. In order to offer a realistic training environment, they too introduced Interactive Incident Trainer.

The team representing Preventief had to get up at the peep of day, since the consultation and training centre of Stefan Verhoeven and Wendy Kluft is based in the province of Gelderland. Nonetheless, they didn’t waste any time to start using the staging room of FireWare. We are pleased to hear about your positive experiences with the different developments!

Robin Lamslag of Ready2Rescue completed the group.  Ready2Rescue delivers training materials and support in the field of life saving skills, first aid and CPR. Since a CPR doll adds an extra dimension to the training experience of the F.I.I.T, we truly expect a lot of our collaboration in 2019.

Benchmark for further development

We are looking back on a productive visit of our partners. Their vision on the further development of the cabin has resulted in very useful ideas. For example, a fire scenario is one of the future elements and we would like to achieve serious progress when it comes to camera use. In addition, there were innovative ideas for interaction. Let’s move forward!

Interactive Incident Trainer, your cup of tea?

The brainstorm session continued over a lunch that our colleague Frans had professionally prepared. We would like to thank all participants for their time and efforts during the session and we continue working on the further development of the F.I.I.T. with a positive heart. Would you like to discover what the Interactive Incident Trainer could do for you? Quickly contact us for a customized price offer or visit our showroom and have a real life look at the FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer!