Project approach

Sometimes, people reach for the stars and wouldn’t mind someone offering a staircase. For instance, the final result is crystal clear, but the road to success remains hidden. Or a brilliant scenario has come to mind, but it won’t come out of your hands. The FireWare team loves working together with you to create great projects: from brainstorming sessions to final result and everything in between.

Creative collaboration

At FireWare, projects are the product of creative collaboration: all participants partake in the process and influence the process’ final result. In order to make a project succeed, we need to make use of all available knowledge and experience. Moreover, creative collaboration renders the process transparent for all interested parties and allows them to work towards a result that optimally combines creative thinking and pragmatic execution.

The project phases

A project always kicks off with a brainstorming session that takes place in the dedicated FireWare brainstorming room at our offices in Wieringerwerf or on site, at your own offices. The brainstorming session can be considered part of the initiation phase. Together, we have taken a first step in the journey to a new development. The brainstorming session is all about exchanging ideas to shape this new development.

Following an inspirational brainstorming session, it is wise to think about the question: “How are we going to translate this brainstorming session’s output into a satisfying, catchy final result? Which steps are in place, what do we need to do first, and what is the proposed time schedule?” In order to ensure a structured process, all our projects are divided into several phases:

  • Initiation phase: What does the project entail?
  • Definition phase: Which are the specific demands regarding the results?
  • Design phase: How are these results defined?
  • Preparation phase: What needs to be done in order to reach the desired result?
  • Realization phase: We actually start building!
  • After-care phase: Maintenance and management of the solution

The brainstorming phase is followed by the definition phase. This phase is all about the project’s contents. Think about determining a Demands Program. This also includes project management, like finances and time schedule.

The design phase is about creating a (final) design. The final design is the result of many discussions about schematic designs. Of course, this phase also entails a cost estimate that fits the starting points of the definition phase.

The preparation phase is all about preparing the realization phase. This entails purchasing and tenders and finalizing the planning.

Now that the preparation phase is complete, it is time to commence the realization phase, or building the final result. The thorough preparation should ensure that the realization phase will run smoothly!

Finally, there is an after-care phase. During this phase, we arrange for warranty, maintenance and small retrospective adjustments to be taken care of.

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