FireWare studio

FireWare studio
The FireWare studio is ideal for recording (live) webinars, ELOs and learning films. At the beginning of the corona outbreak, our original brainstorming space was converted into a temporary studio space. Numerous digital sessions were organised in collaboration with various safety regions and other care organisations. We renovated again in the summer of 2020. The experiences of the temporary studio have been processed in a permanent studio. And we are proud of that! The versatile space and the knowledge and skills of our team are now permanently available to realize your wishes.
Studio Melissa

This is what to expect

  • a spacious studio where you can work at a safe distance from each other
  • recordings in your corporate identity; color, logos, countdown clock and final image
  • virtual sets by means of greenscreen and bluescreen
  • crystal clear sound and wireless microphones
  • interactive dialogue with your audience, via our own video server under our own management
  • live switching between up to 5 HD cameras by our switching technician
    the use of 360-degree cameras and 3D cameras
  • a moderator who will manage your digital session
  • sufficient bandwidth using two fiber optic connections
  • digital sessions are recorded and are given afterwards
  • our design team is ready for the post-processing of the recordings
  • access to a sound recording booth and product photo table
  • unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks and a free cleaning
  • parking in front of the door, without a mobile application


Are you interested in using the FireWare studio? In the field of studio rental, we offer several options. For example, we have put together handy total packages for you. As a result, you immediately know where you stand, without surprises. Do you still have questions or do you want to know more about the possibilities? Don't hesitate to call us. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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