Become a FireWare dealer?

Become a FireWare dealer

Making sure emergency response teams all over the world can become and stay professionally skilled. That's what we aim for and what we stand for. We can't do it alone. We do this together with a global network of individuals and companies who also want to go for it. And the world is a big place! We are always looking for people and companies who want to help provide solutions for emergency response teams so that they can work on their professional competence.

We are not looking for "box pushers". We are looking for people who really want to add value. The Internet has turned our planet into a small world. Order a "box" and it arrives a few days later. But in the world of emergency services, it's all about real contact. A FireWare dealer understands and supports that. Because the exercise or training has to continue. Sometimes there are no days to wait for that box. That's when the FireWare dealer makes the difference!

A FireWare dealer has invested in a demo fleet. This to demonstrate products so a trainer can make a conscious choice. But also to help that trainer out with good training materials when there is an acute need for them. A FireWare dealer has consumables and spare parts in stock. This to be able to assist quickly. But above all, a FireWare dealer invests in knowledge and skills. Through continuous education, a dealer is able to perform many repairs himself, to assist in realistic staging and to give really good advice on training materials. And yes, a FireWare dealer can make a good living at that too.

A FireWare dealer is part of a global network of people who have a passion for simulation technology. Who want to learn from each other and inspire each other. We expect from a dealer that he or she inspires emergency service providers in their own region to stage realistically. This is done by using social media, a website, exhibitions and demonstrations. Of course you will be supported by the FireWare team. This way we work together to make the world a little bit safer.

Do you want to become a FireWare dealer? First think whether you fit the above profile or want to. Also take a good look at our core values. At FireWare, this is much more than a "saying on the wall". It's the basis of all our long-term relationships. Do you like it? Then get in touch. Together we will see if we are a match! First with a digital meeting. And if we both have a good feeling about it, then with a physical meeting at our location!

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