Create eLearning video content in a day

26 March 2020

With teaching classes the traditional way no longer an option for an extended period, an increasing number of companies and organisations are seeking out alternative methods. One of these is eLearning, and that involves turning your course material into what is known as eLearning content.

Using FireWare's new studio you can record large sums of content in just one day. You present your own classes using software such as PowerPoint, while multiple cameras record your course in a professional studio environment. This gives your courses the added visual appeal that give them the edge. You also get to review the recordings, and if you're not entirely satisfied then we'll simply re-record them!

A classroom entirely of your own design

We will light the studio and fit it out using your company colours, while we can also feature your logo. When the session has wrapped, you get to take the recording with you, allowing you to start teaching within your own eLearning system. FireWare does not supply eLearning software, so you are welcome to use whichever platform suits you. We merely help you to create high-quality recordings… the perfect foundation for any course!

Please do remember that we keep the number of people in our studio to an absolute minimum, with a space of at least two meters between every person present.

If you'd like to find out more about booking a studio to record an eLearning class, then please don't hesitate to get in touch!