Course on the maintenance of practice materials for the Limburg North Safety Region

26 September 2018
Onderhoud van oefenmateriaal-1

Course on the maintenance of practice materials for the Limburg North Safety Region

Wouldn’t it be convenient if a Safety Region were able to maintain and repair its own practice materials according to the highest possible standards? FireWare thinks so!

That is why today Monique Claessens, Peter Rachmat and Nick van der Aa of the Limburg North Safety Region visited FireWare for a course on maintenance and repair of training materials. Under the guidance of experienced FireWare technicians, various failures of different machines in the region were solved. A nice side effect of the course was the insight into each other's problems: problems a user has when materials break down and problems a manufacturer has when a machine comes in with only the text: "is broken".....

With pragmatic thinking, mutual trust, basic technical insight and a healthy dose of common sense, the biggest challenges are easy to overcome. The most common repairs can now be carried out by the Safety Region itself. And perhaps more importantly: the most common failures can now avoided. This saves both sides a lot of logistical costs, irritation and downtime of machines. And we just send the parts! If there’s a problem the region can’t fix themselves; FireWare engineers are ready to jump in.  Accessible and super efficient.

This form of cooperation also makes it much easier to exchange good ideas and to innovate products. In short, better communication, less downtime of machines, less (logistical) costs, more insight into the economic and technical life span of materials. A very nice win-win situation!